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November Travel Blogger Update

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Is it just me, or did November FLY by?

I can’t believe how quickly the month passed, and I have a strong feeling it’s because I spent the majority of the month travelling. Days have a tendency to disappear when you’re travelling, and I don’t always know if it’s a Monday or Wednesday when I’m on a trip.

Anyway, November was an amazing month, both travel and content-wise (in my humble opinion), and I am super excited to round it all up and share it in this monthly recap for you! I didn’t have much time for freelancing, but I did start something really exciting; Youtube! I share more details below, but for now, why not head on over and subscribe to my Youtube channel? Please and thank you!

Previous monthly updates (if you are curious enough to go back):

Travels and content in November

I decided to put these two headings together for this month, as much of the content I created is linked to the trips I took.

As mentioned, I spent most of the month on the road, which was both incredibly refreshing (it’s been a while), and also made me very busy. First, I was off to beautiful Mauritius for the first-ever #MyMauritius Explorer Lab, hosted by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and iAmbassador. They had selected 30 bloggers to get together in the span of a week, on the beautiful island of Mauritius (it was my first visit), to learn, create and network. I must say it was such a genius way to execute a press trip by mixing it with a conference.

Personally, I took away loads of new tips and tricks from the speakers (especially when it came to video, but more on that later), but I also got to meet new people, enjoy time in a stunning destination, and create some amazing content for the campaign. I still have some more posts up my sleeve, but here’s what I published from the trip in November:

  • Is Mauritius just a honeymoon destination?
    Covering some of my first impressions of the island, and whether it is fair to keep calling it a “bucket list” destination. Definitely a must-read if you have thought of Mauritius as a honeymoon-only destination before!
  • A Quick Guide for your Mauritius Trip
    In this post, I share some of the best things to do on the island and answer a few questions such as when to visit, where to stay, and so on. It’s the perfect place to start if you are planning a trip to Mauritius.
  • Where to stay in Mauritius (Travel Blogger Recommendations)
    In this post, I asked a bunch of fellow travel bloggers from the trip to recommend their favourite hotel in Mauritius. We all stayed in different hotels across the island (and everyone stayed in more than one during the week), so you can trust that these are the absolute best hotels and resorts on the island.
  • Youtube video
    I also created my first ever Youtube video from my trip to Mauritius! Click the link above to see it, or just keep reading (I’ve embedded it below, of course).
beautiful beach in mauritius with palm tree

Sadly, I had to leave the trip to Mauritius one day before everyone else. Now, I was sad to leave Mauritius, but I wasn’t sad about the reason why. I was heading straight to Italy to board the Costa Magica for a week in the West Mediterranean! I had a turnaround time at home in Bergen of 12 hours, which gave me just enough time to repack my suitcase, watch the Dancing with the Stars finale and catch up on some sleep before I was out the door again.

I flew to Genova, Italy, and jumped on a bus to Savona for my embarkment. I was lucky enough to work with Costa Cruise Lines to explore what life is like on board a Mediterranean cruise for a week. I spent 7 nights and 8 days onboard the ship, docking in Naples, Palermo (both Italy), Valencia, Barcelona (Spain) and Marseille (France) along the way. I had a full day to explore each of these cities (blog posts are on their way, trust me), in addition to spending a day at sea.

The ship itself had so much to offer, and I’ll admit that all my presumptions about cruise life were slowly, but surely, quashed during the journey. It was such an incredible trip, with mouth-watering food, Broadway-level entertainment and lots of activities (and live music) on board, in addition to the amazing destinations we were stopping at.

I have published my full review of the Western Mediterranean Cruise here.

In addition to that, I have published a Youtube video from the cruise, to give you a bit of a sneak peek of what life on board a cruise ship for a week was like:

Now, that brings me onto some exciting news!

I’ve started a Youtube Channel!

Okay, so I’ve had the channel for a while. But I’ve never actually used it, and I’ve never actually made any videos for it! In Mauritius, however, we were asked to create a video from the trip, and we had access to a professional videographer (watch Storytraveler’s amazing videos here) to help teach us. I thought it was the perfect “excuse” to get started because I have honestly been thinking about doing video for a while.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel here!

I am still very much a video newbie, and it’s going to take time and practice (and practice and practice – video is hard!) to really get the hang of it, but I’m excited to have another aspect to Fjords and Beaches that I can share with you guys. Of course, I am not going to be neglecting the blog or any of my other channels at all. I am first and foremost a travel writer, and here on Fjords and Beaches is where you’ll always find my main content. However, it’s nice to have another side to it that I can play with, and also offer to potential partners. They say video is the future, so why not try it?

Well, you’ve seen the cruise video (above), so it’s only fair that I also show you the video from Mauritius (as promised). This was my first video, and I am really excited to share it. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below (or even better; in the comments on the video) – I really appreciate it (read: you)!

Side note: I’ve been using my Canon camera to film these (and my GoPro Hero 6 for the underwater shots).

That pretty much sums up the month of November here on the blog. A very exciting month with two major trips, and the start of the Fjords and Beaches Youtube channel. Any thoughts on my travels, or questions (about anything)? Leave them in the comments below!

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