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by Lisa Stentvedt

Welcome to Fjords and Beaches!

I’m Lisa, a travel blogger and writer from Norway, and this is my travel blog. I grew up by the beautiful fjords of western Norway, and write about my travels in Norway and the rest of the world here. So, if you are looking for Norway travel tips, city guides and posts about travel planning and inspiration, this is the place for you!

My intention is for Fjords & Beaches to be a serious resource for the curious-minded travelers out there.

The tagline ’Stay young, keep moving’ points out the blog’s emphasis on never tiring of life and staying young at any age – through constant exploring of the beautiful planet we live on! You are never too old to travel and to explore the world, whether your preferred method is relaxing on a cruise ship, drinking beer on a beach or zip lining through a rainforest.

You can learn more about me and my blog here!

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