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10 Ridiculous Questions Tourists in Norway Have *Actually* Asked

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Growing up in one of Norway’s #1 tourist destinations you learn a thing or two about tourists and their thoughts about Norway. Naturally, what most people think is that the country is incredibly beautiful, and they can’t believe how stunning the landscape is. Some tourists in Norway, however, visit the country without doing any proper research, and it shows.

Since we were 15 (or even younger), my friends and I have all had summer jobs working in tourism, whether it was serving food and ice cream, selling tickets, working in merchandise or manning the reception at one of the hotels in Flåm. Through the years, we heard it all. Trust me.

The questions below are actual questions that my friends and I have been asked by tourists in Norway through the years, and they are just too ridiculous not to share. Again, these are actual questions that have been asked. I am not even exaggerating.

Side note: I do not hate tourists coming to Norway, but am annoyed with the idea that you would visit such a beautiful country without doing any research or educating yourself even a little. So please don’t @ me.

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Keep reading for some hilarious questions asked by tourists in Norway

10 actual questions asked by tourists in Norway

Keep reading for some hilarious (and at times, moronic) questions that tourists and travellers to Norway have actually asked. I don’t know if I should judge the ignorance or just feel sorry for these people, but either way it’s too funny not to share.

Side note: if you want to make sure you know everything you need to know before your Norway trip, read my guide here!

#1 Do you drain the fjords in winter?

Uhm, what the hell? The fjords are a natural body of water, and they are there all the time.

#2 How did you get the cruise ship in here?

This question was continued with “Did you build it on the fjord?”

Spoiler alert: the ship sailed here.

#3 Where is the fjord?

This is a great question (and not at all stupid) to ask if you are on your way to see the fjord from a more inland destination. But the woman who asked me this was standing on the docks in Flåm. Right by the fjord. I just pointed at the water..

#4 What are those white stripes on the mountain?

This one was actually asked by a friend of mine who saw Norwegian waterfalls for the first time in her life. From the opposite side of the fjord, they do simply look like white vertical stripes, so I kinda get it. But I was also crying with laughter.

#5 Can we walk there in time to board the ship again?

9 out of 10 times this question is asked in reference to a destination that is mostly reachable by bus, train or car. Such as Myrdal Station (the Flåm Railway takes an hour to get there, walking would take around 8, and it’s not reachable by car). 9 out of 10 times, the answer is no. Again, if there is a specific attraction or sight you want to see while travelling Norway; do your research on how to get there.

#6 So, what do you do in the winter?

This was asked rather condescendingly by a lady who was amazed at how small my village was. Uhm, we go skiing, to the cinema, hang out with friends, play sports, watch Netflix. Literally what people do all over the world in the winter.

(Part of me was tempted to say that we just hibernate)

#7 How high above sea level are we?

This one still kills me. It’s just too funny. Someone actually asked this while on a FjordSafari boat. As in, they were on a boat on the fjord! I still remember the stunned look on the guide’s face, but he did a great job in explaining that the fjord is actually connected to the ocean, so we are exactly 0 metres above sea level, Ma’am..

#8 When do you turn off the waterfalls?

The notion that the fjords and the surrounding sceneries are all man-made never gets old.

#9 Do you actually live here?

I won’t even dignify this with an answer. See how to be a tourist in Norway.

#10 What actually is a fjord?

This one isn’t the most ridiculous, as it’s great to see that people are curious and want to learn. But it baffles me to see so many people visit THE FJORDS OF NORWAY without even knowing what a fjord is. Why do you think you’re here? What did you come to see? A simple Google search will sort this for you.

Bonus question: Were you a servant?

This one is a bonus, as it wasn’t actually asked in Norway. But this is a legit question someone asked me when I was working as a Cast Member in Disney World, as a response to the fact that my English was so good. The conversation went a little like this:

Older American man: Your English is really good!

Me: Thank you.

Older American man: …

Me: …

Older American man: Where you a servant?

Everyone around us: ……….

(yes, obviously a nice American family took me in as their servant to teach me English)

I don’t even remember what I said to this, as I was so shocked at his question. But he asked it so matter-of-factly that I wonder if this is a thing people assume when they meet foreigners who speak English fluently. Is it?

Anyway, there you have some of the most ridiculous (and moronic) questions that have been asked by tourists in Norway, and I hope the post gave you a good laugh! Did any of these surprise you? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

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