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10 Days in Norway: Itineraries + Guide from a local!

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Norway is an incredibly scenic country full of majestic gems, loaded with cultural experiences, and packed with outdoor adventures and activities for you. The country is big enough to spend an entire lifetime exploring (it’s what I’ve been doing). But what if you have only a week or 10 days to visit Norway? Born and raised in Norway and still exploring it bit by bit, I have crafted the perfect itinerary for 10 days in Norway to help maximise your travel experience while you visit!

This Norway travel itinerary is geared towards the fjord-explorers, the hikers, and even the city-walkers. In other words, it is focused towards all kinds of travellers. The months between May to September are considered the best time to visit Norway by most travellers. Hence, the first suggested ‘10 days in Norway’ itinerary in this post is centred on travelling during those months.

However, if you plan a visit to Norway in the winter to chase the Northern Lights, you will have to travel further north than what I have suggested in the first itinerary. Therefore, I have created a second 10-day itinerary for Norway further down in this guide, highlighting a 10-day itinerary for the Aurora-chasers visiting Norway.

As always, I recommend you head this way to browse all my Norway itineraries (ready for immediate download).

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10 Days in Norway: The Perfect Summer Itinerary

As mentioned, the first of the two Norway 10 day itineraries I have created covers travelling Norway in the warmer half of the year, and covers several Norwegian highlights that are likely to be on your bucket list for your trip.

Brief overview of the itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive in Oslo
  • Day 2: Explore Oslo
  • Day 3: Fly to Stavanger and explore Stavanger
  • Day 4: Lysefjord cruise and Pulpit rock hike
  • Day 5: Fly to Bergen and explore Bergen
  • Day 6: Train to Flam
  • Day 7: Drive to Odda and explore Hardangerfjord
  • Day 8: Hike Trolltunga
  • Day 9: Drive to Oslo
  • Day 10: Depart Oslo

Detailed Norway 10-day Itinerary (Summer)

Day 1: Arrive in Oslo

Most international flights to Norway land in Oslo – one of the rapidly growing capitals in the world. Hence, the Norway 10-day itinerary begins here. The environmentally friendly city of Oslo is also called the ‘Green Capital of Europe’.

Oslo is really easy to get around using public transport. However, the best way to see Oslo is to take a self-guided walking tour around the city after you make your way to the city centre. On the other hand, it’s totally acceptable to begin with a fair amount of rest in the hotel once you arrive.

Head this way to find a list of the best hotels in Oslo, Norway.

Day 2: Explore Oslo

There are plenty of unique ways to explore Oslo, whether you are on a budget or looking for a luxurious holiday. Begin your 10 days in Norway tour with a visit to the waterfront areas along the Oslofjord. Aker Brygge is an upscale harbour-front of Oslo with gorgeous views of the fjord. You could enjoy savouring some great Norwegian food in this area.

Oslo is an architect’s dream, filled with creatively designed buildings and monuments. Spend your afternoon visiting the art museums like the Astrup Fearnley Museum, the Viking Ship Museum, and the Norwegian Folk Museum. In case you are not a museum-buff, visit the Royal Palace in Oslo and watch the Changing of Guards.

In the evening, take a walk either at the Vigeland Sculpture Park or along the Akerselva River. You could also opt to hire a local guide and get an exclusive tour around Oslo. Having lived in Oslo for 2 years, I’ve made a list of 30 fun things to do in Oslo that you can add to your itinerary for Norway if you have a few more days in this capital town.

Day 3: Fly to Stavanger and explore Stavanger

After a comfortable night stay in Oslo, board a flight to Stavanger, a city on the southwestern tip of Norway. Stavanger is a coastal town and has a beautiful harbour. You will be swayed by its picturesque streets and the white wooden houses dating back to the Middle Ages.

Stavanger is a small city and can be explored on foot. Walk through the coloured street – Fargegata, a perfect Instagram worthy picture spot. Visit the Stavanger Cathedral and the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. For lunch, you could go exploring the quaint restaurants at Vågen, Stavanger’s popular dock area.

You could even catch the hop-on hop-off bus to get a proper tour of Stavanger city. Head this way to get a complete list of things to do in Stavanger.

Day 4: Lysefjord cruise and Pulpit Rock hike

Stavanger, the fourth largest city in Norway, is conveniently located very close to the beautiful Lysefjord. Due to its proximity to the fjord, it is an extremely popular tourist destination. On this day, board a ferry for cruising the Lysefjord. From Stavanger, you have to reach the ferry stop at Lauvvik, which is approximately 1 hour by bus or car, to catch the ferry.

Pulpit Rock is a famous peak surrounding the Lysefjord that most tourists are interested in climbing during their 10 days in Norway tour. Remember, if you intend to catch a ferry to Pulpit Rock to hike it, you should not catch the Lysefjord ferry.

To reach the Pulpit Rock base point, you need to drive to Lauvvik, catch a car ferry to Oanes and then drive to Preikestolen Mountain Lodge parking area from where the hike starts. Pulpit Rock towers above the Lysefjord and offers breath-taking views of the fjord below. The hike takes about 4-5 hours both ways in total.

Head this way for my complete Pulpit Rock hiking guide.

hiking pulpit rock, Norway view
Hiking Pulpit Rock is a Bucket List Item for many people.

Day 5: Fly to Bergen and explore Bergen

Take a morning flight from Stavanger to Bergen today. You could even opt to drive to Bergen or hop on a ferry, but that will eat up half of your day, and you need that time to tour Bergen.

Bergen is a coastal town that is known as the ‘city between the 7 mountains’. All these 7 mountains are popular hiking destinations amongst tourists visiting Norway. Mount Ulriken is the highest of Bergen’s 7 mountains and takes about 4-5 hours of hike round trip. If you feel adventurous after a morning flight, you could hike up Mount Ulriken for the gorgeous 360-degree views, or if you do not quite feel like hiking, you could take the cable car (10 minutes) up the mountain.

After a visit to Mount Ulriken, visit the Bryggen area to view the UNESCO World Heritage site listed waterfront wooden houses and tiny alleys that date back to the 1700s. You can also choose one amongst these 8 Bergen tours that I have either tried or are recommended by people who have tried them.

Day 6: Train to Flam

This day, you will travel from Bergen to Flam on the famous Flam Railway. Catch a train to Myrdal, the mountain station from where the Flam Railway departs. From Myrdal, you will travel on the Flam rail line to Flam. Trust me, this will be one of the best days in your 10 days in Norway tour.

After you check-in a hotel in Flam, catch a ferry to Gudvangen, and experience cruising both, the Aurlandsfjord and the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Nærøyfjord. If you book a round trip, a bus will take you back to Flam from Gudvangen. In Gudvangen, do not miss to take a walk in the Viking Merchant town.

This entire day’s itinerary also comes as a travel package named ‘Norway in a Nutshell’ offered by Fjord Tours. You can book the complete tour package with them or to save dollars, you could also book Norway in a Nutshell tour entirely on your own – Here’s my guide on how to do it!

Head this way to find a list of the best hotels in Flam, Norway.

train travel in norway

Day 7: Drive to Odda and explore Hardangerfjord

After breakfast, you depart for Odda. On the way, you could stop at Voss and indulge in some fun adventure activity in the town. You could even ride the Voss Gondola, the largest and most modern mountain gondola in Northern-Europe.

Once in Odda, take a fjord cruise north through the Hardangerfjord. You will witness the surrounding landscape full of historic villages and idyllic waterfalls while sailing the fjord. Moving towards Eidfjord, the sidearm of Hardangerfjord, you’ll be able to sight the majestic Vøringsfossen waterfall flowing right into the fjord.

Day 8: Hike Trolltunga

Today is another day of your 10 days in Norway where you have an epic hiking chance to Trolltunga peak, a very popular hike amongst the tourists. Trolltunga is a cliff shaped like a troll’s tongue with the crystal blue fjord right below. The estimated hiking time is about 10 hours in total, but it is worth it once you get to see the view from the top and the thrill of standing on the edge of the cliff.

You will have to drive down to Tyssedal from where the hike to Trolltunga starts. The surrounding views that the Trolltunga hike offers gets better and better as you keep ascending. After the climb, step out onto the Trolltunga cliff for a perfect photo opportunity.

Day 9: Drive back to Oslo

Odda to Oslo is a long 5-hour drive. You can either have a lazy morning and then start for Oslo, detouring a bit to get an incredible view of the Låtefossen waterfall from the bridge at Skare. Or, you could leave Odda early in the morning and reach Oslo before the afternoon to explore the capital town a bit more.

Day 10: Depart Oslo

Get up early in the morning, take a leisurely walk around your hotel, and buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Enjoy the last day of your 10 days in Norway trip before you head to the Oslo International airport for your return flight back home.

GoPro night settings for shooting the northern lights

10 Days in Norway for Northern Lights Chasers (Winter itinerary)

If you are visiting Norway in winter, which is the best time to see the Northern Lights, you could modify the above Norway travel itinerary from Day 3 to head northwards. Instead of flying to Stavanger on Day 3, fly to Tromsø and follow the below-mentioned Norway travel itinerary.

Read and bookmark my packing list for winter in Norway before you go to ensure you have everything you need!

  • Day 1: Arrive in Oslo
  • Day 2: Explore Oslo
  • Day 3: Fly to Tromsø and explore Tromsø
  • Day 4: Tromsø – Hurtigruten
  • Day 5: Cruise along Vesterålen Islands and reach Svolvær
  • Day 6: Explore Lofoten Islands
  • Day 7: Explore Lofoten Islands
  • Day 8: Drive to Bodo and fly to Oslo
  • Day 9: Norway in a Nutshell from Oslo
  • Day 10: Depart Oslo

Arrive in Oslo, immerse yourself in the beauty that Norway is. Dive into Oslo’s culture by visiting the museums, the harbour, and the fortresses. On day three, take a flight to Tromsø, where you will sled with reindeer, sleep in a Sami tent and watch the dancing Northern Lights. Visit the Arctic Cathedral, the Polar Museum, and take a gondola ride to Mount Storsteinen. At midnight, embark on a cruise with Hurtigruten, the world’s best and most beautiful sea voyage. While on a cruise on day five, explore the beautiful Vesterålen Islands and disembark at Svolvær, the capital of Lofoten Islands, in the evening.

You will spend a relaxed time in the Lofoten Islands on days six and seven. Visit Henningsvær, Borg, Moskenes region, Tind, Nusfjord, Vikten, Sakrisøya, Harstad, Reine, and Å. Cruise the Reinefjord and Vestfjord, visit the fishermen villages, chase the Auroras each night, and book a stay in Rorbu, the traditional Norwegian houses used by fishermen. I personally got to see the Northern Lights at Lofoten Islands in winter. Go, read about my experience!

On day eight, take a flight to Oslo via Bodo. On the ninth day, head on to the famous Flam Railway, ferry through UNESCO World Heritage Site listed and Norway’s narrowest fjord – Nærøyfjord, and visit the Viking village in Gudvangen before returning to Oslo.   

Here’s how to photograph the Northern Lights with a GoPro (like I did)!

Honestly, you will never be satisfied by spending 10 days in Norway, as every day spent here seems to get better from the one before it. However, this itinerary for Norway will get you familiar with the region for planning a second-time visit.

If you visit Norway anytime soon, I recommend you read my Norway Travel Guide before you get to planning. Do write back to me if you need any assistance with regards to spending 10 days in Norway.

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