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25 Norwegian Sweaters you need (for your Norway Trip)!

by Lisa Stentvedt
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If you’ve seen a Scandinavia movie or TV show (usually the crime ones), you will have seen one of the famous Nordic and Norwegian sweaters I’m about to talk about in this post. I like to refer to them as Norwegian sweaters, but to be fair, I can’t really take credits from the Danish (or the Swedes) on this topic (which is why I should be referring to them as Nordic sweaters). Scandinavian sweaters became all the rage a while back, around the time that Broen (The Bridge) premiered. You know, the Danish crime show with a main character who lived in a Nordic sweater? I’m sure you do.

Naturally, I own a few of these sweaters myself. Scandinavian and Norwegian sweaters are trademarked by being knitted wool sweaters, intended to keep you warm through the freezing winters we have up here. But, they have also become quite fashionable, and now everyone and their grandma wants one. I have noticed, because every time I wear the one my sister knitted for me on Instagram (pictured below) I get DM’s asking me where it’s from.

For those wondering, mine was originally knitted in the “Setesdal” pattern, before my sister made a mistake and decided to go a bit rogue. So it’s a one-of-a-kind, you may say. I love getting questions about it, and have even been stopped at the airport in Sweden by an older lady asking me what pattern it was!

Visiting Norway anytime soon? Get your Norwegian sweater fix here and then head over to this post for my complete guide to Norway!

If you want to knit your own Norwegian or Scandinavian sweater, this is the book of knitting patterns you need!

girl in nordic sweater reading by the fireplace in norway
Nordic sweaters are all about the patterns! This one is a version of the Setesdal pattern (and the socks are the famous Marius pattern).

Norwegian Sweater Patterns

As mentioned, most Nordic and Norwegian Sweaters are knitted after specific patterns, with some being more popular than others. All Scandinavian sweaters are generally wool (some thicker, some thinner), and either hand-knitted (making them more expensive) or knitted by machine (slightly cheaper). Of course, you’ll quickly find that getting a Nordic wool sweater is not cheap (apologies on behalf of my people, but Norway and Scandinavia is expensive).

Even if you choose to knit one yourself, you’ll find that purchasing the pattern and the wool is almost as expensive as buying a sweater that has already been made. Personally, I had no idea that you had to buy the patterns in order to knit one of these, and thought that anyone who knew how to knit could do it. But, as my sister and my friends who enjoy knitting have all informed me; that’s not the case. So there you have it.

I thought I would give you a little overview of some of the most popular patterns, before sharing some of my favourite Nordic sweaters below (I mean, you do need one for your Norway trip; especially if you are visiting in the winter).

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The most popular patterns for Norwegian (or Scandinavian) sweaters are:

  • The Marius pattern (seriously, you’ll see this everywhere: on sweaters, socks, and even phone covers)
  • The Setesdal Pattern (similar to my sweater above)
  • The Skappel Sweater (a new design, which has become very popular across all ages in Norway recently)
  • Fanakofte (this is a local pattern to the Fana region and most regions in Norway will have their own pattern that is unique to them. However, many of the patterns are popular all over Norway, such as this one)
  • If you love knitting and want to try knitting one of these yourself, get this book of knitting patterns!

Side note: ever since discovering this Harry Potter Knitting Pattern book, I’ve been dying to pick up knitting myself! Who knew there were so many fun patterns and Nordic sweaters you could knit yourself?

25 Norwegian Sweaters You Must Have for your Norway Trip (or just because they are comfy)

Let me start this list off by saying that if you are specifically looking for Norwegian sweaters for men or women, you’ll quickly find that most of them are made for either. The Scandinavian sweater is pretty unisex, and both men and women wear all patterns. However, some retailers create sweaters in either a female or a unisex cut, so that if you want one that is shaped to your figure (as a woman), you’ll be able to find it. Below I share some of my favourite Nordic sweaters for men and women separately, so you can find the best fit for you.

If you opt for knitting it yourself (by getting this book, for example), you’ll end up with sweaters that fit anyone (and that are not tailored to any gender). This is what I love so much about Nordic sweaters: they are the epitome of classic!

4 Classic Norwegian Sweaters for Men

The knits below are all classics, mainly in black and white, with some splashes of red. This is a very classic style, and I would say that some of these hail from Iceland, to be specific (except for the Magnus knit, which I believe is Norwegian).

4 Classic Norwegian Sweaters for Women

Same descriptions as above. These are all classic styles and patterns, but the colouring for women is often a bit more “bold”, even when you opt for black and white.

4 Colourful Scandinavian Sweaters (for Both Men and Women)

Below are a few sweaters (for both men and women) with some added colour. You’ll love that I’ve included Dale of Norway designs in this one, as this is one of Norway’s #1 brand for Nordic wool sweaters.

4 of my Favourite Dale of Norway Sweaters

Now that we are onto it, I thought I would share some of my favourite Dale of Norway sweaters. As mentioned, this is a hugely popular brand, and definitely one of my favourites when it comes to knits. They are high-quality and will keep you nice and warm through the Scandinavian winter. The only issue I have is that they are quite expensive, so getting one of these is more of a long-term investment than an impulse buy. However, they’ll last you for years to come.

9 More Knitted Sweaters for your Norway Trip

I was supposed to end this post here, but during my research I came across so many more Scandi sweaters that I just had to include. So here are a few more of my recent favourites, from different brands (and in different price ranges). Not all are by Scandinavian brands, but you’ll find both Dale of Norway and Fjällräven on the list!

Side note: Fjällräven has some great Scandinavian sweaters in their selection, and they are a little more budget-friendly than the Dale ones.

Knit your own Norwegian/Nordic Sweater

I know many of you finding this post have Norwegian heritage, and that you want your sweater to be as authentic as possible. Therefore, I’m sure you may want to knit your own Norwegian or Nordic sweater. I am not a knitter myself, but my sister is (the yellow Setesdal sweater I wear in the photo at the top of this post was a present from her), and I know these are books she would recommend. So, if you want to knit your own Scandinavian sweater, you’ll need one of these (or all of them):

Do you have a favourite Nordic or Norwegian sweater?

There you have some epic knitted sweaters for you to consider for your trip to Norway and Scandinavia (or for you to get so you can stay warm and cosy through winter). Nothing says hygge like one of these, a cup of hot chocolate, and a roaring fire, that’s for sure!

Which one was your favourite? Or do you have one that wasn’t on the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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