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Visiting Oslo on a Budget: The ultimate guide (Updated)

by Lisa Stentvedt

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Oslo is a great city for a weekend getaway, as a base for a longer Norwegian adventure, or as a destination to explore on its own. However, there’s no denying the costs of visiting the Norwegian capital, and more people are looking for ways to visit Oslo on a budget.

In Norway, and particularly in Oslo, a beer will cost you a good $10, depending on where you go, and most bar tabs will leave you in shock. Time and time again Norway has been named one of the world’s most expensive countries, which is slightly frustrating if you live here on a Norwegian salary, let alone when visiting and hoping to see the most of the country.

Side note: Don’t miss my ultimate guide to travelling Norway, where I cover literally everything you need to know before your visit! Seriously, I’m talking how much to tip, how to travel Norway by car, and which fjords are the best.

I’ve put together a few tips on visiting Oslo on a budget, and hope that you’ll be able to pull something useful out of this post. You’ll be happy to hear that there are loads of things to do in Oslo if you are trying to avoid breaking the bank.

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Booking cheap flights to Oslo

Before you go, make sure you find the best deals for hotels and flights. I always use Booking.com when booking a hotel, and search SkyScanner for flights. That way you get an overview of what days it’s cheaper to visit. After checking SkyScanner I also use the airline’s own websites to make sure the price matches, sometimes it’s cheaper booking directly through them! There are plenty of ways to save money on travel, all listed in this guide to booking cheap flight tickets (one of my favourite hacks).

Norwegian is a low fare airline flying in and out of most Norwegian airports. It has been my favourite airline for so long, and they were the first in Europe to offer WiFi on their flights! Their WiFi is free, as well, which isn’t too common anymore. Make sure you sign up for their rewards program, as they just relaunched it and made it a whole lot better than before. Other major airlines flying into Norway are SAS (Scandinavian Airlines) and British Airways.

Once your flights are booked, you’ll need to find somewhere to stay. I’ve compiled a post with some of the best hotels in Oslo, and have included both budget and luxury options.

When checking out these flights, and also when looking at trains and bus options, you’ll quickly find that travelling around Europe on a budget is completely doable!

visiting oslo on a budget, budget guide to oslo

Things to do in Oslo on a budget

There is always something to do in a capital like Oslo that won’t cost you a dime. Visiting the museums is a natural choice for free activities, and there is also the Nobel Peace Centre. Visiting the Peace Centre costs 100 NOK for adults, and 65 for students (I’m a huge sucker for student discounts). It’s definitely worth a visit, and there is always a relevant exhibition on display.

If you want to try for an activity that’s completely free, I suggest grabbing a coffee and visiting the Frognerpark and the Vigeland Park (a sculpture park and one of the top Oslo attractions). The latter is very popular amongst tourists and locals alike, and make sure you bring your camera for some fun snaps of the statues!

Seeing the Royal Palace (Norwegian: Slottet) is a must, and you’ll find it just at the end of the main street of Oslo; Karl Johan. In the summer they offer guided tours (that must be booked in advance on this website), but walking around the castle is free for all. At 1.30pm you can see the Changing of the Guards, another free activity.

Read my mini guide to the Norwegian Palace!

The Norwegian Parliament (Norwegian: Stortinget) is located in the building in the photo above; Stortinget. It is only a stone throw from the Palace, and well worth a visit. They offer free guided tours throughout the year, usually in both Norwegian and English. The tours are booked on a first come, first served basis, so make sure you arrive early! The start of the tour is at the guest entrance of the building, just around the left corner from the main door.

Another great, free activity in Oslo is to head on a walk along Akerselva, the river that pretty much splits Oslo in half. This walking trail is several kilometres long, so you can walk for hours if you wish it. You’ll get to see several areas of Oslo, and it’s a great way to discover the city without spending a dime!

Read my post about the beautiful Akerselva trail here!

Some great Oslo tours to consider:

visiting oslo on a budget, budget guide to oslo

Oslo on a budget: Money-saving Secrets

Having been a student living in Oslo for 2 years, I have a trick or two up my sleeve for saving some cold hard cash. Before you go, make sure to download the free Narvesen and 7Eleven apps. Both are chains of kiosk/corner shops where they sell coffee, baked goods and sweets, and you’ll see them all over Norway, but particularly in Oslo.

On the apps, you can register whenever you buy a coffee or a frozen yoghurt or a magazine, and after a certain amount of purchases, you get one free. Both stores have different offers on different snacks and merchandise, but the coffee stamp card is a token for both. So make sure you join forces with your friends and buy your coffee together, that way you can collect ‘stamps’ on one app and get free goodies to share!

Another (and the main) reason I told you to download the apps before leaving home is that you need working WiFi and a phone signal in order to complete registration. When downloading you are asked to register your birthday because when the day arrives you’ll be treated to a free coffee and some baked treats! Now for the travel hack; tell the apps that your birthday happens to fall on one of the days you are visiting Oslo, and you’ll be able to enjoy a cookie and a coffee from both 7-Eleven and Narvesen without paying! Great for when you are going for that free walk, am I right?

Read more: 30+ unique and fun things to do in Oslo!

If you are anything like me, you enjoy going to the cinema. Norway is one of those countries that won’t dub English-speaking movies, so if you don’t mind ignoring the Norwegian subtitles, you can easily entertain yourself for a few hours in Oslo by going to the cinema!

If you are thinking of hitting the movies on an evening in Oslo, make sure to sign up to KinoPluss – the rewards program for all Oslo cinemas. This can be done online, and they actually give you points for signing up and a huge amount of bonus points for buying your first ticket. If I remember correctly, the points you get through signing up and buying one ticket (just the first one, from then on the points are ‘regular’) is enough to buy another! So, if there’s two of you, buy your tickets online but separately, and voila! You’ve saved 120 NOK!

Another super important tip for cinema-goers: buy your sweets at a grocery store! The popcorn and sweets at the cinema are incredibly expensive, and not worth the points you get on your KinoPluss card.

Oslo on a budget: Travel Hacks

Another tip is for those of you who are flying into Oslo’s main airport; Gardermoen. You’ll reach for the Airport Express (Norwegian: Flytoget) tickets immediately, but what if I tell you that it is possible to get into the centre of Oslo for half the price?

The NSB (Norway’s public trains) has routes going from Gardermoen to Oslo and back on a regular basis. Not as frequent as Flytoget, but still twice or three times an hour! So make sure you buy your tickets on one of the counters/booths labelled #Ruter or NSB, and not Airport Express/Flytoget.

I may also inform you now that #Ruter is Oslo’s public transport company, and that you can get a ticket for Zone 1 (central Oslo) right at the airport. Get either a 24-hour or a 7-day ticket, depending on the length of your stay. Gardermoen is in Zone 4, but once you have the Zone 1 ticket, all you have to do is buy a one-time additional ticket for the remaining 3 zones! It is so clever, because the system actually recognizes that you have already paid to travel through Zone 1, and won’t make you spend money on doing that again. You can also buy your tickets on the free #Ruter app!

So there you have it; how to visit Oslo on a budget! I hope you have found some of these tips helpful!

Do you have any money-saving tips for travellers hoping to visit Oslo on a budget?

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HandLuggageOnly 28/02/2016 - 18:04

Love this! Love Norwegian too! Always had great experience with them! 🙂

Lloyd & Yaya xx

LisaLDN 28/02/2016 - 18:06

I’m so glad! Loads of people seem negative as it’s low fare, but it’s nowhere near some of the ‘really’ low fare airlines, haha 🙂 Thanks, guys! x

HandLuggageOnly 28/02/2016 - 18:21

Exactly, honestly it’s one of our favourite airlines in Europe. Really comfortable flights, low fares and we’ve never had a delay. That’s perfect for us… Plus they have a pretty large base in London Gatwick airport… BONUS! 😉


LisaLDN 28/02/2016 - 19:07

Completely agree! And they were the first airline in Europe to offer free Wi-Fi on the plane 🙂 agreed, Gatwick is my favourite London airport! Xx

HandLuggageOnly 28/02/2016 - 22:21

Exactly!!! Can you imagine other low cost carriers doing that! xx

LisaLDN 29/02/2016 - 11:43

Nope, not at all! Imagine anything free With RyanAir, haha! xx

Shannon Off Duty 01/03/2016 - 17:32

Oslo seems like a really cool city. Great post:)

LisaLDN 01/03/2016 - 21:20

Thank you! Oslo is a great city, but unfortunately very expensive.

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