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I WROTE A BOOK and I’ll be WORKING WITH DISNEY again! (Winter 2020 Blogger update)

by Lisa Stentvedt
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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I know, and I’m sorry. I started publishing monthly updates last year, and really enjoyed it (it’s nice to not only write blog posts that are SEO-focused and aim to get as much traffic as possible). But, somewhere along the way (in December, to be specific), I stopped prioritising them, and all of a sudden three months have passed.

And it has been a busy three months! In my last update (in November 2019), I shared all about my exciting trips to Mauritius and the West-Mediterranean with Costa Cruises. Since then, I haven’t travelled too much (all though I did celebrate Christmas in Spain with my family, and just got back from an amazing trip to Sri Lanka). However, I was busy working away at home, and am so excited to write this post and share what I’ve been up to!

First things first.

I got a job with Disney (again)!!

I am usually not one for several exclamation marks, but this one deserves it. I am still giddy with excitement at sharing this and have loved all the feedback I have gotten since the Youtube announcement (watch it here or below).

In short, I am the new Adventure Guide for Norway with Adventures by Disney! This is something I have dreamed of for YEARS, and I can’t wait to start welcoming guests to Norway this summer (and for many summers to come).

For those that don’t know what this means (I’m surprised by how many people that don’t know what Adventures by Disney is), I’ll explain a little. Adventures by Disney is basically Disney’s tour operator, and they plan and operate tours to unique locations all over the world, all hand-selected by Disney. Since the release of Frozen, Norway has been one of their destinations, and they have had several tours to Norway every summer since.

Read more about their tours on their website!

On each of these tours, Adventures by Disney make sure that guests have the best service and experience possible in each location, much to the credit of the fact that each tour has two Adventure Guides, also hand-selected by Disney. One of these guides is always from the country of the tour, so they speak the language and can give guests the best insights into the culture and history of each destination. And for the Norway trips, that guide will be me!

I hope that makes sense!

Adventures by Disney is for adventurous travellers, families and friends, who want to explore the world with the added magic of Disney. Anyone who has been to a Disney park knows what I’m talking about when I say “the Disney difference”, and this is the level of service and adventure you can expect on one of these trips. It’s perfect for travellers who love Disney but want to take it beyond the parks.

Fun fact (that some of you may remember): I used to be a Cast Member in Disney World back in 2013-2014 when I participated in Disney’s Cultural Representative Program and worked in the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot! So you can say I have some experience in sharing my culture with Disney’s guests already.

As you can tell, I am so excited to be affiliated with Disney again, and can’t wait for the tours to start this summer!

Read some of my Disney blog posts here:

I published an ebook!

From one set of exciting news to another; I finally finished and published my travel guide to Flåm, Aurland and the area where I grew up! This one has been a long time coming, and I think I first mentioned wanting to do this a year ago.

As I’m sure you know if you’ve read any of my Norway articles and posts, I get a lot of questions about Norway and planning trips to the fjords from eager travellers. I love sharing information that helps readers plan their best trips to Norway, which is why I have written countless articles on the topic (find them all here) and even started created and offering ready-made Norway itineraries for people to download.

But, I thought it was time to take it to the next level, which is why I finally got around to writing a travel guide to Flåm, Aurland and the Aurlandsfjord area (that includes the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Nærøyfjord)! Head this way to buy it!

The travel guide is also available on Amazon, so if you prefer to read it on your Kindle, you can by heading this way!

Publishing the book is something I am really happy to have finally done, as it has been a while since I started it. So, I am happy to say that I spent the winter writing it, researching it and perfecting it! I want it to be a valuable resource for anyone travelling to Norway and planning a trip to Flåm, Aurland, Undredal and Gudvangen (the four villages in the area).

It’s been a busy winter!

As you can tell, I have been busy this winter, and I can’t wait to see what Spring has in store for me. Travel-wise, I have been to Spain and Sri Lanka in these past few months, and especially Sri Lanka blew me away! What an incredible country! In case you’ve missed it, I thought I’d share some of the content from the trip (which was in collaboration with the Sri Lankan tourism board). It includes Youtube videos, which I have slowly started to get the hang of (and am loving!);

uncommon places to visit in Sri Lanka, riverston and mini world's end

As you can tell from the posts and videos, I had a pretty epic time in Sri Lanka, and I hope to go back one day soon!

Upcoming travels

March is already proving to be busier than the past few months, with TWO upcoming trips in the next few weeks. First, I am so excited to be heading to Aqaba, Jordan on a dive trip! If you have been reading my blog for a while (or follow me on Instagram), you’ll know how much I love diving, and I can’t wait to explore the underwater world of Jordan. In addition to diving a lot, we will also be exploring the bucket list sites of Petra and Wadi Rum, including spending a night in the desert! Now, if that isn’t an adventure, I don’t know what is.

Next up is a trip to one of my favourite places on earth; Disney World! I will be heading there for my guide training, as is necessary for my new role, but I will also be staying for a few days after to catch up with friends and play in the parks. For those that don’t know; Disney World is the one in Orlando, Florida. I can’t wait to head back, as it has now been almost 1,5 years since my last Disney trip, and my abstinence symptoms are starting to show. If you are a Disney geek like me, you can watch the IG Story highlights from the trip here! I go back and watch them from time to time, and it just makes me even more excited to be going back.

So, it’s safe to say that I am EXCITED for March! Jordan has been on my list of countries to visit for a long time, and I can’t wait to not only go diving but also spend some time exploring and learning more about Middle Eastern culture and history (something I have been fascinated by since I was a child).

Now, who’s ready to take on March with me? Make sure to follow along on Instagram for stories (I share every day when I am travelling) and to like my Facebook page where I always share my blog posts!

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