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How to get from Bergen Airport to the City Centre

by Lisa Stentvedt
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If you are flying to Bergen, you’ll be landing at Bergen Airport Flesland, as it is the only airport servicing the city. Bergen is a beautiful city to visit all year round, and one I strongly recommend you see if you are planning a trip to Norway. Considering I always recommend it, I often get the question back “how do we get from Bergen Airport to the City Center once we have arrived?” So I decided to write this post to outline all the different ways you can travel from the airport, whether you want the fastest, cheapest, or easiest option.

As there are several ways to make it from Bergen Airport to the centre of the city, I have outlined each mode of transport with their own headings below. My favourite, and the one I always use when I travel myself is the Light Rail. However, if you are travelling with children, it may be easier to grab a taxi. Regardless, there are several easy ways to get from the airport to the city, so simply bookmark this page before your next trip to Bergen!

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Bergen Airport to City Centre – A Guide

If you are looking for a Bergen airport transfer, taxis or where the bus stop at Flesland (the airport) is, look no further. Also, if you are in need of a Bergen airport hotel (if you are flying really early or arrive late at night), I recommend this one. Here are the top three ways to get from Bergen Airport to the city centre.

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CHEAPEST: The Bergen Light Rail “ByBanen”

ByBanen, literally translating to “The City Rail”, is many a local’s favourite mode of transportation. Mine included. ByBanen currently has one line, starting at Bergen Airport and ending in the city centre (they are working on expanding it, but you know how politics can slow these processes down). This is perfect for anyone travelling to Bergen by plane, as they can simply get on ByBanen and take it all the way to the city centre (or get off on one of the earlier stops, if you are staying near the bus station, for example.

BONUS: With the Bergen Card, travel on the Light Rail is FREE (in addition to getting free entry and discounts to a bunch of the city’s main attractions)! Get it before your trip here!

The journey from the airport to the city takes 43 minutes if you travel to the very end, and these are the stops worth noting along the way:

  • Danmarks Plass: if you are staying at the new CityBox Hotel, for example. There are also many Airbnb’s in this area.
  • Bystasjonen: This is the stop for Bergen bus station, and also where you can get off for Bystasjonen, one of the bigger malls in the city.
  • Nonneseter: The Bergen train station is here, so if you are catching a train to Flåm right away, for example, this is your stop.
  • Byparken: The end stop, and the city centre. From here, you have Bryggen and the Fish Market within walking distance, and also most of Bergen’s hotels.

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How much does ByBanen cost?

A one-way ticket on ByBanen costs 37 kroner, which is quite affordable. However, if you are staying in the city for longer, I recommend getting a 24-hour or 7-day ticket right away.

With the 24-hour ticket, you need to make 3 trips on ByBanen or the buses in the city to “earn it back”, and with the 7-day ticket, you need to take 10 (I’ve done the math, haha).

Where do I buy a ticket for ByBanen?

You can either use the machines located at the Light Rail stop at Bergen Airport (or any other stop), or download the app. I strongly recommend doing the latter, as it is a lot easier, and you’ll always have your ticket with you. The app is called Skyss Billett. I recommend downloading it before you arrive in Norway, and entering your payment details at home, to ensure that it works as it should.

Alternatively, if you are staying in Bergen for a day or more, get the Bergen Card here, which includes FREE travel on all public transportation in the city. Including the Light Rail!

Where do I find the light rail station for Bergen ByBanen at the airport?

Simply leave the airport upon arrival and take the stairs, escalators or lift down one floor. The stop is located, similar to many airport train stations, “under” the airport. It is very easy to find.

Any further advice about the Bergen Light Rail / ByBanen?

Yes! If you are travelling with children, you’ll be happy to hear that on weekends, they travel for free on all public transport in Bergen when they are with an adult holding a ticket.

Secondly, download the app called Skyss Reise. It allows you to find the best travel routes for where you are going in the city, the nearest bus/Light Rail stop and shows you in real-time how far away the bus is. I use it all the time.

QUICKEST: Bergen Airport Bus Transfer

The bus nicknamed “FlyBussen” (The Plane Bus) has been running between Bergen Airport and the City Centre for years, since before the Light Rail came around. It is still going strong, with departures up to 4 times an hour. Tickets can be booked in advance here, and I advise you to do so (it is cheaper than buying them at the airport upon arrival).

The cost of a one-way adult ticket on the Bergen Airport bus is 115 kroner (so the price of a 24-hour ticket on the Light Rail), but it is a lot quicker. Getting from the airport to the city centre takes 20 minutes. Please note that the bus stops at Bystasjonen/the Bus Station, and not at ByParken (which is closer to Bryggen and the centre of the city).

If you are travelling onwards from Bergen, here are the best ways to get from Bergen to Flåm (aka the beautiful fjords).

bryggen, bergen, the docks

MOST COMFORTABLE: Bergen Airport Taxi

Last but not least, I have to cover the most comfortable mode of transportation from Bergen Airport to the city centre; going by taxi. As you may have learned by now, Norway is really expensive, so this option will set you back several hundred kroner. However, if you are travelling in a big group or as a family, it may be worth it for the comfort of arriving right at the door of your hotel.

Bergen Taxi actually operates with a maximum price for taking passengers between the Airport and the city, so you can rest assured that you won’t pay more than 650 kroner for the trip (which is the absolute maximum on weekends and in the evenings).

Order a taxi in advance by calling 07000 at any time, or simply head outside upon arrival at Flesland. There will be several taxis waiting. Make sure to ask the driver what the current maximum price is to get to the city centre. It is not common at all to get scammed by drivers in Norway (I have never heard of it happened), but it is always clever to remind the driver that you are aware of the maximum price rule, and to remind them to use it (if they forget, it could be an expensive trip).

If the taximeter stops at a price that is less than the maximum given, that’s what you pay.

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There you have the best (and only) ways of getting from Bergen Airport to the city centre. Don’t forget to check out some of my other Norway travel guides before your trip, and to get your Bergen City Itinerary below!

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