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Where to eat in Winnipeg: 7 Good Restaurants in Winnipeg, Manitoba

by Lisa Stentvedt
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On my recent trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba I was lucky enough to spend almost a week in the city. That meant that I got to try a lot of different restaurants during my stay, and it didn’t take me more than a day to decide that I wanted to put together a guide on where to eat in Winnipeg. And so my challenge had begun, and I tried my utmost to find the best restaurants in the city, just so I could review them and mention them in this post (given they were good enough, of course). And, well, I found a few! From Mexican to Italian, from tapas to steakhouses, there are loads of good restaurants in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

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I feel like I always have to put this disclaimer here whenever I write a food post; I am not a foodie. I mentioned this when I wrote about restaurants in Maspalomas, and about the best Gothenburg restaurants. I am not a foodie, but I do love food, so if you are one of those travellers that are always looking for some great places to eat, you’ll enjoy this post. Just bear in mind that I am not a food critic, and will keep my comments relevant to my personal experience in each place.

Here’s all my Canada content in one place for you:

where to eat in winnipeg, bruschetta at cibo restaurant
Keep reading to know where to eat in Winnipeg (and where to have the best bruschetta in the world)

Where to eat in Winnipeg, Manitoba

The list below covers 7 good restaurants in Winnipeg that I visited and loved. And then, as a bonus, I’ve added TWO dessert places that you must try while you are in the city! As mentioned above, there is a lot of variety to the restaurants in the city, and so I have tried to include that variety in my recommendations here.

Now, if you are still drooling over that photo of the bruschetta above, I won’t delay it anymore. Let’s find out which restaurant that is!

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#1 Cibo Waterfront Cafe

The photo above is from Cibo Waterfront Cafe, which is located right on the Red River by the Exchange District. I stopped there for a glass of wine (Malbec, to be exact) and something light on my last night in Winnipeg. The restaurant itself offers great views of the landscape and is located in an old industrial building on the river. This gives this Winnipeg restaurant a really cool, fun vibe, and an intimate setting. When I visited the restaurant was quite busy (on a Friday night), and I decided to eat at the bar instead of waiting. If you do want to dine here, I recommend booking a table in advance.

Now for the best part; the food! Their bruschetta came recommended, and so I knew what I wanted to try. Basically, they have 6 different kinds of bruschetta to choose from, and you order a selection of three. It was only $15 (Canadian), which I thought was quite cheap considering how mouth-watering it was. Options included bruschetta with seared mushroom and herbed goat cheese, or feta cheese, tomato, cucumber and pesto. So yummy, and I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Find Cibo in Winnipeg at 339 Waterfront Drive (it’s a lovely walk along the river from the Forks).

#2 Passero

I’m doing this a little out of order, as I ate at Passero on my first night in Winnipeg. This Italian-style restaurant is owned by one of the top chefs in the city and is located as a little “hole in the wall” in the Forks Market. Their food is served in a tapas style, and it is recommended to share several dishes between friends. What made Passero stand out to me from other tapas restaurants is that they serve each dish at a time, so you can truly enjoy it and taste it before moving on to something new!

I loved the atmosphere at Passero, and it didn’t even feel like there was a busy hall of diners just outside the restaurant. The food was incredible, and I particularly enjoyed the sourdough with ricotta, parsley and smoked sea salt (one of the antipasti dishes, and the creamiest ricotta I have ever tasted) and the ricotta gnocchi with black truffle (seriously, anything that contains truffle has me sold).

Find Passero in the Forks Market Hall.

winnipeg restaurants, passero at the forks, gnocchi and wine

#3 The Forks Market

Since I’ve mentioned it, I have to offer up a space on the list to the Forks Market itself. Such a great place to grab some food and relax, and perfect if you’re with a group of friends that can’t decide what they want. There are plenty of options to choose from (ranging from the Caribbean to Italian, and Passero actually has a sandwich bar for those dining at the Market). After you’ve picked up your selection (don’t miss the selection of beer on tap at the Common), have a seat inside or out by the river. There are also spaces dedicated to street performers, so you are likely to have some great music accompanying your meal.

Find the Forks Market at 1 Forks Market Road.

places to eat in winnipeg, the forks market hall

#4 Cordova Tapas and Wine

In the Exchange District of Winnipeg (easily one of my favourite areas in the city) you’ll find Cordova Tapas & Wine. Anywhere that includes “wine” in their name has me sold, and so naturally I had to make time for a visit. Cordova has an indoor seating area and a small outdoor patio, where it’s perfect to grab a glass of wine (or one of their cocktails; I saw people with both Martinis and Aperol Spritzes).

During my visit I noticed that my menu was slightly different than the one on the website, so do bear this in mind before you go. Still, there were some yummy tapas dishes on there that I hadn’t seen online in advance, such as the feta cheese and olives you see below. Add heart-eyed emoji here. I saw several groups of friends sitting around enjoying a good time (and good tapas) so I can imagine this being a perfect place to grab some drinks and some bites if you are visiting Winnipeg with friends!

Find them on 93 Albert Street in the Exchange District.

(If wine and drinks is your jam, make sure you don’t miss the best bars in the city here!

dining in winnipeg, cordova tapas

#5 529 Wellington

A nicer, more upscale steakhouse, 529 Wellington is where you’d go to celebrate something, or simply to treat yourself a little. The setting is very grande dame, and anyone who is a fan of old-fashioned wallpaper, beautiful table settings and extremely comfortable dining chairs (think Downton Abbey) will enjoy a meal at 529 Wellington. The fact that they specialize in prime beef and steaks, and not fancy food that nobody actually likes, was great (I find that usually this kind of classic interior comes paired with foie gras and snails).

The most important thing about 529 Wellington is that they have a selection of over 700 different types of wines (!) in their cellar. The next time I’m there I will muster up the courage to ask to see them. If you want a more relaxed dining setting, drop by (or book in advance) for lunch, and go sit outside on their patio, which has beautiful views of the river floating by. Such a stunning setting.

You’ll find 529 Wellington on, well, 529 Wellington Crescent.

#6 La Roca

Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines, regardless of where I’m travelling to. One of my friends (hey Andrea!) once said that she wouldn’t eat Mexican food too far away from the border (we were in Chicago), but I’ll find nachos wherever I can. If you, like me, love some good fajitas, tacos or nachos, make sure to visit La Roca whilst looking for where to eat in Winnipeg! The exterior of the building is incredibly cool, and I almost didn’t go in because I was a sweaty mess thanks to the Canadian sun. But I did, and I’m so glad!

La Roca has an unfussy menu, with lots of great options for both cocktails, lighter bites (I opted for the queso, which was really good!) and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options when it comes to their dishes. I sat outside (as mentioned, it was hotttt!), and loved the atmosphere in their outdoor seating area. There is also a rooftop for when it gets busier!

Head to 155 Smith Street for some of the best Mexican food in Winnipeg!

la roca restaurant in winnipeg, canada

#7 The Old Spaghetti Factory

Before you roll your eyes at me for including a chain restaurant here, bear with me. I didn’t actually know that this was a chain before I started writing this post. In fact, I’d never even heard of The Old Spaghetti Factory before and got excited at the idea because I thought there was an Italian restaurant inside an old spaghetti factory (don’t laugh). For Canadians this may not be an exciting entry, but if you’re not from Canada, this place will blow you away.

With great food, great service and such a fun ambience, you know I loved the Old Spaghetti Factory. Upon learning that there are more of them around the country, my first thought was that they should bring it to Norway! They serve salad and bread with every order, and you also get complimentary ice cream at the end of your meal (such a fun detail). I love a good themed restaurant (or hotel), which you may have realised from my reviews of the Hard Rock Hotel Bali and the Margaritaville, Biloxi. So naturally, I loved this place too.

Find them at 25 Forks Market Road, right by the Forks Market Plaza.

BONUS: Sargent Sundae

Just across the river from Assiniboine Park is a little hole in the wall where you would hardly guess that they have some of the best ice cream in the city. I noticed both locals and visitors crowding up the store, before grabbing an ice cream or a milkshake and walking across the footbridge (literally across the road) to the park for a stroll. Myself included.

Please note that Sargent Sundae only takes cash (no credit or debit cards). There is an ATM just across the road.

2053 Portage Avenue is where you’ll find the best ice cream in town.

BONUS #2: Cake-ology

Okay, you know I love my sweets. So there was no way I could write this list and not include Cake-ology (with the best name ever). This place gave me proper London vibes, as it reminded me of Primrose Bakery with its pastel colours and cute displays (and mouthwatering selections). I tried a couple of their cake pops during a stroll around Winnipeg, and almost went back for a couple of more, they were so good.

Find Cake-ology on 85 Arthur Street, just a short walk from Cordova (mentioned above).

place to eat in winnipeg, cakeology in the exchange district

There you have my little guide to where to eat in Winnipeg, Manitoba. There are lots of fun, good restaurants in Winnipeg, and these are some of my favourites that I found during my stay there. If you have any to add to the list, why not leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear your favourite restaurants and places to eat in the city.

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