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Love this Hotel: Hard Rock Hotel Bali

by Lisa Stentvedt
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I’ve grown up in a family of music lovers. Throughout my travels as a child and growing up, we have always made sure to visit the Hard Rock Café of whatever destination we were in. As I started travelling with friends and on my own, this tradition continued, and you’ll always find me spending an evening at the Hard Rock with a Southern Rock in hand (my favourite Hard Rock Signature Cocktail, in case you were wondering).

It wasn’t until I worked as a Cast Member in Disney World a few years ago that I realised Hard Rock was more than just a chain of restaurants. They have hotels, too! Ever since driving past the Hard Rock Hotel Orlando as a poor Cast Member I’ve wanted to stay in a Hard Rock Hotel, and during my recent trip to Bali I was finally able to!

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

In case you are wondering how I spent my last days in Bali, the above photo should give you a hint. I checked in with an intent to relax and enjoy myself to the fullest, and with only 2 days left in Bali. After 2 months of homestays and outdoor showers (which I do love, but they also mean I won’t shower at night due to my fear of spiders!) checking into my Deluxe double room was a welcome change.

My room was absolute heaven, and if you caught my room tour on Instagram you’ll know. With a huge bed all to myself, and a bunch of free movies loaded on the TV (hello, Moana!), you could say I managed to relax.

Also, there were actual fish swimming around just outside my room!

Not long after checking in I ran for the Rock Spa for a soothing massage. It was the perfect start to my little Bali Staycation, and left me nice and relaxed and ready for dinner. Naturally, I opted for the Hard Rock Café on my first night.

Speaking of food, you know I’m a sucker for hotel breakfasts, right? Well, this one didn’t disappoint. From the fresh omelettes (made-to-order) to the Indian corner, they have everything a guest needs. Add amazing french toast and great coffee to that mix and you have a happy Lisa. And let’s not ignore this view from the breakfast table.

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Since I was spending 2 nights at the Hard Rock, I had a whole day in the middle to spend by the pool. Luckily for me, the kind team at the Hard Rock had reserved a cabana for me! So I got to relax in my very own poolside cabana, listening to kids playing in the pool and ordering drinks directly from the Splash Bistro using the cabana telephone.

I was also joined by some friends later in the day, who were in awe at this secret oasis in the middle of busy Kuta. We spent our day enjoying ourselves and ordering even more cocktails, and I kept thinking how I could have easily thrown a party for 15 people in the massive cabana.

Pro tip: If you are spending a day by the Hard Rock Pool, rent your own cabana. You won’t regret it!

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali was an absolute dream come true, and the only thing I regret is not staying there longer. With a health club at Body Rock, the Roxity kids club (and the Tabu Teens Club), a Boom Box recording studio for guests (seriously!) and a huge Sand Island swimming pool area including a swim-up bar and music playing under the water, there really isn’t anything else to want for. In my opinion, the swim-up bar itself makes the stay worth it, so make sure you don’t miss happy hour!

I hope to visit a Hard Rock Hotel again in the future, and can’t wait to share it with you! In the meantime, why don’t you leave a comment and let me know if you’ve stayed at a Hard Rock Hotel yourself! If you haven’t, would you want to?

If you’re interested in booking a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali, head this way!


Staying at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali

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