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3-day Berlin Itinerary: Great Things To Do In Berlin In 3 Days

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Berlin: Germany’s capital city. From museums to parliament buildings to historical ruins, there’s an abundance of things to see and do in Berlin in 3 days (or 5, or 10). Really, there’s almost too much to do, regardless of your interests; Berlin is rich with history, culture, delicious food, and a vibrant nightlife. If you are planning a weekend in the German capital, don’t miss this 3-day Berlin itinerary before you go!

So, how do you decide what you’re going to do? Well, to help you out, here is my 3-day itinerary and guide on how to spend your time in Berlin. Enjoy!

This 3-day Berlin itinerary covers lots of great things to do in the city, including how to get around and when to do what. If you want to get more specific, here is a great post on things to do in Berlin at night!

One thing I strongly recommend for your trip to Berlin is to get the Berlin WelcomeCard. The card gets you free public transportation in the city, free entry and discounts to lots of Berlin attractions! Book the Berlin WelcomeCard in advance here.

3-day berlin itinerary guide
Keep reading for the perfect 3-day Berlin itinerary!

When to Visit Berlin

The best time to visit Berlin in 3 days is from May to October. With pleasant weather and temperatures ranging around 19°C to 23°C, it is perfect for sightseeing, and relaxing in the cool shade of the parks and outdoor terraces. There is not better time for a 3-day Berlin itinerary!

However, there are some drawbacks to visiting Berlin in the middle of summer (July-August). As this is the high season, it will be more expensive, and there will be more crowds. Furthermore, if you plan on hopping around Europe, these same drawbacks will apply to other European countries. Additionally, the heat in the southern European countries like Italy and Greece can be overwhelming.

In order to save a bit of money and avoid some of the crowds, you can visit in the shoulder season. This is from April to mid-June, and September to Oktoberfest.

The low season is from November to March, excluding the time around Christmas. This is when the weather will be the worst, with some freezing rain and occasional snow. However, this is the best time to visit if you’re a budget traveler, or if you want to avoid the hordes of tourists.

How to Get to Berlin

There are numerous ways of getting to Berlin for your 3-day itinerary. For instance, you can get there by:

  • Plane: Flying into Berlin is an easy and convenient option for those arriving from overseas, and for those traveling within Europe. With an airplane being both cheap and quick, it is very practical for visitors within Europe (but causes a greater environmental impact). There are 2 airports in Berlin: the main airport is Berlin Tegel Airport, which receives most international flights (book your airport transfer in advance here!). The second airport is Berlin Schönefeld Airport, which is commonly used by budget airlines like Ryanair and easyJet. Both airports have train stations, making it easy for travelers to traverse to the center of Berlin. With the Berlin WelcomeCard public transportation to and from both airports is included. Get the card here.
  • Train: Another convenient way of getting to Berlin is via train. And, a huge perk of traveling by train is the ability to admire the European countryside. It is fairly easy to get to Berlin using Eurail. However, traveling by train tends to be more expensive than traveling by bus, or even by plane.
  • Bus: For budget travelers, getting to Berlin by bus is by far the best option. While it tends to take the longest, and can be uncomfortable, it is definitely the cheapest. And, you can save even more money by taking an overnight bus, thus saving on the cost of accommodations. Some bus companies you can use include Eurolines and FlixBus.
  • Car: Finally, for those seeking the most freedom and are not constrained by their budget, they can get to Berlin by car. With the ability to stop in any cute town en route, this is a fabulous way to travel. And, you can save money by traveling in groups.

If you want more tips on how to get around Europe, click here.

How to Get Around Berlin in 3 days

Now, I personally love to explore new cities by foot. With the freedom to explore any hidden alleyway I want, and therefore stumble upon hidden gems, walking is my favourite way to travel. Unfortunately, Berlin is not one of the cities that is easy to explore by foot, because it is huge.

Luckily, Berlin has a very extensive transport system, making it super easy to get anywhere you want. Here are some of the many ways you can get around Berlin:

  • U-Bahn: The U-Bahn is an extensive underground trainline, that easily takes you to many of Berlin’s sights. Their tickets are based on a zone system, and most of Berlin’s tourist attractions are in zones A and B. Additionally, the U-Bahn trains run until 1-1:30 am on the weekdays, and all night on weekends, making it convenient for late-night partiers. Tickets are easily purchased at train stations, but must be stamped before boarding.
  • S-Bahn: The S-Bahn is the city train, that runs primarily above the ground. While the distance between each station is longer compared to the U-Bahn, it is still the quickest way to get around the city and to the outskirts of Berlin. Like the U-Bahn, they run until 1:30 am during the week, all night on weekends, and use the same ticketing system.
  • Bus: Buses are a common form of transportation in West Berlin, but are (not surprisingly) slower than trains. However, they can be convenient to minimize walking, and can take you to Berlin’s main attractions. Tickets can be purchased on the bus, at U- and S-Bahn train stations, or from BVG ticket-sellers.
  • Trams: Trams are mostly used in East Berlin, run 24 hours a day, and can be a fun way to explore Berlin.
  • Bikes: Berlin is a great city to explore on a bike, as it is very flat, has many bike lanes, does not require cyclists to wear a helmet, and offers many bike-sharing programs. I definitely recommend it if you love to cycle!
  • Taxis: Taxis are abundant throughout the city, and accept most major credit cards. Uber is also available, though less prevalent.
  • Car Rentals: Like most big cities, getting around Berlin by car is a hassle. With lots of traffic and little parking, it is not worth the trouble. But, car rental is available.

3-Day Berlin Itinerary: 10 great things to do in Berlin

  1. Marvel at the Brandenburg Gate. Initially built between 1788 and 1791, it was inspired by Propylaea in Athens’ Acropolis. Symbolizing the division of Germany during the Cold War, it turned into a symbol of unity when Germany reunited.
  2. Visit the Reichstag Building. Germany’s current parliament building, you can admire both the exterior architecture, and the interior with free admittance. But make sure to book your ticket in advance!
  3. Learn more about the state of Germany during the Cold War at the Berlin Wall Memorial.
  4. Admire the Berlin Cathedral. A Neo-Renaissance Protestant cathedral, you can relax and admire its grand architecture in Lustgarten park, before wandering inside.
  5. Stop by one of the five museums on Museum Island. From displays of ancient artifacts to fine art, at least one of the museums will cater to you! Get your Museum Island pass here.
architecture in berlin, 3 days
  1. Visit the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Featuring 2711 concrete slabs of varying heights, it inspires contemplation and remembrance.
  2. Pay a visit to Checkpoint Charlie. The former border crossing between East and West Berlin, the barrier and checkpoint booth are kept in their original position.
  3. Tour the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. A striking landmark, the ruins of a church destroyed in the war rises from the ground. Today, it commemorates peace and reconciliation.
  4. Relax in Tiergarten Park. A charming, lush park in central Berlin, it is the perfect place to take a break during a long day of sightseeing.
  5. Wander around Charlottenburg Palace. Berlin’s largest and most lavish palace, it was named after Sophie Charlotte, the first Queen consort in Prussia. Spend some time admiring its grand interior, before strolling around its delightful gardens.
  6. Go on a river cruise. Explore Berlin from the river Spree, relaxing as you float along learning facts about the city (and seeing the architecture along the river). Book the tour here.

More fun things to do in Berlin

As you can see, there are lots of great things to do in Berlin in 3 days, and here are a few more suggestions for your trip!

3-Day Berlin Itinerary

Finally, we get to the purpose of this guide: my 3-day itinerary of Berlin! All the sights and things to do in Berlin mentioned above have been put into this itinerary, so you can spend 3 perfect days in the city, without the stress of planning it yourself.

Day 1 in Berlin

10:00: First things first: after a hearty breakfast, head to the Berlin Wall Memorial. Spend some time reading the plaques and learning more about the Berlin Wall at their information center.

11:00: Next, take the U-Bahn to the Berlin Cathedral. Admire its grand architecture from Lustgarten park, before heading inside.

12:30: Enjoy some lunch.

14:00: Head to Museum Island, where you can explore the museum of your choice.

18:00: Enjoy some delicious food for dinner.

20:00: Go to Alexanderplatz to gaze at the sunset (this time varies, depending on the time the sun sets).

22:00: Return to your hotel to rest and relax for tomorrow.

Day 1 Summary: Berlin Wall Memorial, Berlin Cathedral, Museum Island, Alexanderplatz.

Day 2 in Berlin

9:00: After a relaxing morning and a tasty breakfast, head to Brandenburg Gate.

9:30: After admiring and photographing the towering structure, walk towards the Reichstag Building. Remember, while admittance inside this parliament building is free, it is highly advisable to book in advance!

11:30: Walk 10 minutes towards the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. Take some time to wander around the concrete slabs, and to contemplate its significance.

12:30: Enjoy some lunch.

14:00: Head to theGendarmenmarkt, and stroll around its square.

15:00: Stop by Checkpoint Charlie.

16:00: Head back to your hotel to relax before dinner.

18:00: Feast on a hearty dinner, before prepping for a night out.

21:00: Head to a bar and enjoy some of Berlin’s nightlife.

Day 2 Summary: Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag Building, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Gendarmenmarkt, Checkpoint Charlie, nightlife.

berlin 3-day itinerary, travel guide to berlin

Day 3 in Berlin

10:00: After a long night out, have a relaxing, unhurried morning before embarking on your sightseeing adventures.

11:00: Visit the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

12:00: Stop by Tiergarten with a picnic lunch, where you can kickback, people-watch, and admire the surrounding nature.

14:00: Head to Charlottenburg Palace to tour around its lavish gardens and luxurious rooms.

18:00: Enjoy your final dinner in Berlin, before heading back to your hotel to pack.

Day 3 Summary: Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Tiergarten, Charlottenburg Palace.

There you have the 3-day Berlin Itinerary

I hope you have enjoyed this 3-day Berlin itinerary, and that you now have a plan for your upcoming trip! Whether you spend a week or a weekend, you’ll have a great time in the city.

Keep reading: The best things to do in Berlin at night.

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