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Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary + FREE Printable Itinerary!

by Lisa Stentvedt
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// Some of the activities mentioned in this post were sponsored by the Come to Hamburg project

Hamburg is the perfect city for a short break or weekend getaway, but with so many fun things to do, it’s easy to feel a little lost as to what you should do with your little time. In this Hamburg guide I share my 48-hour itinerary so you’ll know exactly what to do in Hamburg. Those of you heading to Hamburg soon will also be happy to hear that you will be able to download my guide to Hamburg as a free printable! The printable Hamburg guide is a detailed version of the 48-hour Hamburg itinerary, and I’ve added addresses to all the attractions and restaurants mentioned so you’ll save time on your trip!

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I spent exactly 48 hours in Hamburg, give or take a little time to get to and from the airport, and found that a little research of what to do and see in the city went a long way. My friends and I definitely made the most of our limited time there, and when we got on the plane back to Norway we all agreed that the weekend had been a success. I want you to feel as if your weekend in Hamburg is just as fruitful, and hope this guide will help you achieve just that!

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Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

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I was invited to explore Hamburg by Come to Hamburg and was extremely excited to do so. They hooked me up with some fun activities, but also allowed me to browse and find things to do on my own. The perfect weekend, I’d say. While researching Hamburg I found that there wasn’t all that much information to be found about what to do in the city, which is why a project like Come to Hamburg is so great! Let’s spread the word about this epic city, people!

The first thing you need to make sure you have is the Hamburg Card. The card allows you unlimited travel within the Hamburg city limits, which is absolutely genious. We had our Hamburg cards ready for the weekend, which saves a lot of time purchasing tickets before each tube or bus ride.

Side note; it also allowed us to focus all our time on pronouncing some of the insane street names. See the photo above and try saying Kellinghusenstrasse fast 5 times.

There are also a bunch of other benefits to the Hamburg Card, such as discounts to restaurants, museums and musicals.

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Guide to Hamburg in a weekend

Below I will share a 48-hour Hamburg itinerary, so you’ll be able to spend the perfect weekend exploring Hamburg. If you are heading to Hamburg anytime soon, I’d love for you to let me know in the comments below if this Hamburg guide was helpful! Make sure to also sign up to below (or above) to get the printable version of the itinerary, where I’ve also included addresses to each attraction.

Please also note that this itinerary can be pushed according to your arrival and departure time. The schedule below is based om my flight times, but the whole Hamburg itinerary will be fine if you have an earlier or later flight. It can all be done in 48 hours, trust me.

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Day 1 in Hamburg

14:00-15:00 – Hotel check in

After arriving at the airport, head to your hotel for check-in. Spend a little time freshening up, depending on how long your travel time was, and get ready to head out for lunch.

Haven’t booked your hotel yet? Have a look at some great hotels in Hamburg.

15:00 – Lunch and drinks at Bok

This is a chain of restaurants serving Asian cuisine, where you are bound to find something you enjoy. Whether you like sushi, pad thai or chicken tikka, you’ll find a favourite at Bok. There are several throughout the city, which also makes it easy to head for lunch.

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Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

17:30 – Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland is the world’s largest model railway, and if you (like me) think that this is ‘just a train’ – think again! You can literally spend hours walking around the 2 floors (seriously!) looking at all the fun, little details to be discovered. They have created extremely true-to-life worlds portraying several European countries and areas (Scandinavia included!).

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

In the information booklet you receive at the entrance you’ll find some of the extra special details to look out for throughout the exhibition. We went a little crazy looking for ‘corpse in the water’ and ‘couple having sex in flower field.’ So no, not everything was rated PG!

Miniatur Wunderland is open every day of the year, and you can find more information about their prices and opening hours here.

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

20:00 – Dinner in the Sternschanze neighbourhood

Sternschanze is an extremely cool and laid-back neighbourhood where you are bound to meet some locals and get to know the *real* Hamburg. So if you are looking to relax, have some great food and see what true ‘Hamburgers’ are up to, this is where you’ll want to make sure to eat. Head to Käpt’n Ahab for the best sweet potato fries in town!

After dinner – Drinks at the Reeperbahn

If you’re up for it after dinner, head to the Reeperbahn, also known as the world’s most sinful mile. This is where you’ll find most of Hamburg’s restaurants, bars and nightlife, and you are bound for a wild time.

Just off the Reeperbahn you’ll find Hamburg’s Red Light Districts (I didn’t even know they had one until I arrived!). This includes the infamous Herbertstraße (pictured below), where women aren’t allowed to enter! My friends and I found this extremely peculiar and still insisted on having a tiny peek inside, though.

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

Download the printable Hamburg guide where I’ve included all the addresses in this post!

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Day 2 in Hamburg

10:00 – Enjoy a late hotel breakfast

Depending on how late the evening before was, head to breakfast whenever you feel like it. You have all day today to explore, so might as well enjoy the best type of breakfast in the world; buffets.

12:00 – Head out for some sightseeing

Head to the St. Pauli neighbourhood, or simply back to Sternschanze for a stroll. Walk around, take in the urban vibes around you and see what you can find along your way. Do make sure to grab a pretzel, out of all the things to eat in Germany, this is a staple!

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

13:00 – City Bus Tour with Die Roten Doppeldecker

After using your feet for a couple of hours, you’ll want to sit down. But it’s too early to end the sightseeing! Head to St. Pauli Landungsbrücken 1-2 to get your tickets to the tour of the city with Die Roten Doppeldecker, plug in your earphones, sit back and relax. There are several daily departures, and you are bound to learn something about the city!

16:00 – Beer Tasting Tour with Alternative Hamburg

This is the good stuff. Can you really go to Germany and not have beer? I think not.

Alternative Hamburg took us on a fun beer tasting tour around the city, and we got to try so. much. beer. This is especially hilarious since I actually don’t drink beer (my fellow wine ladies, raise your hands!). All the beer was finished, however, and I ended up discovering a few sorts that I actually enjoyed! My friend Ida is a proper beer lover, on the other hand, and she sailed through the whole tour on a pink cloud of foam.

There are plenty of cool walking tours to join in Hamburg, depending on whether you are a beer lover or not. There’s even a bike tour for those who find walking to be a bit slow.

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

20:00 – Dinner

There are several great restaurants in Hamburg, and a quick TripAdvisor search will show you the vast options you have when heading for dinner in the city. Whether you are a lover of Italian food or sushi, you are bound to find a new favourite restaurant in Hamburg.

Day 3 in Hamburg

08:30 – Early breakfast to get the most out of the day

Your last day in Hamburg is not the day to sleep in, so make sure you get up and get out as soon as you’ve had your breakfast. It’s time to do some more exploring!

10:30 – Chocoversum

The Chocoversum is basically a chocolate museum, where you’ll be taken on a guided tour at set times throughout the day. Make sure to check in advance so you know what time the English tour is, but you can also participate in any of the guided tours using your own guidebook. The guidebooks can be borrowed (for a deposit) or purchased.

13:00 – Harbour Boat Tour with Barkassen Meyer

After walking around the Chocoversum for a little while, it’s time for some more city sightseeing – this time by way of water! Going on a Harbour Boat Tour of Hamburg is a great way to relax while still taking in the sights of the city. One huge plus of the tour; they serve alcohol onboard.

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

14:30 – Explore Ohlsdorf Cemetery

If you still have some time before you have to head to the airport, spend an hour before lunch exploring the Ohlsdorf Cemetery. This is the world’s largest rural cemetery and the world’s fourth largest cemetery. There is lots to see, so if you are into this kind of thing (like I am), it’s worth a visit!

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

16:00 – Hamburger at Better Burger Company

You can’t go to Hamburg and not have a hamburger, so I’ve saved this for last. At the Better Burger Company, they really do serve a better burger. Once you’ve picked your style (simplicity is key here, your choices are beef, vegetarian or chicken), you get to pick your sauces and toppings – as if you were at a frozen yoghurt shop!

Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

17:00 – Head to the airport

I’m afraid the weekend has come to an end, and it’s time to leave Hamburg and head home. Hopefully this guide has made your weekend a little easier!

Heading to Hamburg soon? Leave a comment below!

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Hamburg Guide: 48-hour Hamburg Itinerary guide to hamburg in a weekend

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