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Our Prague Beer Tour Experience

by Lisa Stentvedt
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I recently visited Prague with a large group of friends (there were 10 of us in total), and we wanted to arrange for a fun activity one night to celebrate a birthday. We decided to head on a beer tour, as Prague (and the Czech Republic in general) is quite well known for its fondness of beer. We quickly found that there were several options when it came to picking the right beer tour in Prague, and ended up booking the tour for our whole group online. In this post, I share our experience of a Prague beer tour!

As mentioned, there are loads of different beer tours to chose from in Prague, and we ended up going on a walking tour (which most of them are). But here I want to highlight the possibility of going on a Prague beer tour by bicycle! And not just any bicycle, but a massive one with a table in the middle, a driver (to steer it), and unlimited beer. So if you are a beer lover, and you are travelling to Prague with a group of friends, head this way to book it in advance (and guarantee availability)!

Disclaimer: I don’t really like beer. I know, I know, don’t shoot me. However, I love my free alcohol and you can bet that I finished everything they gave me during the beer tasting in Prague. I’m more of a wine girl, so if you want to read my complete guide to wine in the Czech Republic, this is the post for you.

our prague beer tour experience, beer in prague from Konvikt pub
Keep reading for our complete Prague beer tour experience!

Our Prague Beer Tour Experience

We met our guide, Mike, in the Art Passage in Prague Old Town. The Art Passage is just a stone’s throw away from the Astronomical Clock and the Old Town Square in Prague, and it was nice to be starting the tour so central. I’ll be completely honest and say that some of us (myself included) were a little late to the tour, but our guide was super nice about it and we started a few minutes late. Luckily, we were a group of 10 friends, and so we were the only ones on the tour. Going on a beer tour ended up becoming on of the best things we did in Prague!

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Our tour included stops at 3 pubs/micro breweries, as well as getting to taste Czech food and local delicacies at one of the stops. Below, I’ll take you through each of the stops and give you an exact play-by-play of our Prague beer tour experience!

If you, like me, might prefer wine to beer, you’ll want to learn more about South Moravia and the Znojmo Region of the Czech Republic, and perhaps plan your next trip there!

Our first Prague beer tour stop: Pivovar U Medvidku

Our first stop was one we definitely wouldn’t have found without a guide. Pivovar U Tří Růží is difficult enough to pronounce, before we learned that it actually means “the little bears”. Our guide told us that they say this is the oldest micro brewery in Prague (but also added that many others say so too).

Our tour started in U Medvidku and our guide teaching us some basic Czech while waiting for our first beer. Of course, we learned the most important term first; ‘Pivo’. I’m sure you’ve guessed it already; it means Beer. The word itself can also translate to mean “something that should be drunk”, and it just shows the importance of beer in Czech culture. We also learned that “Ahoy” is an informal way of saying ‘hello’ and loved the idea of Czech people sounding so much like pirates.

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One of the brew pubs that is part of the Prague beer tasting tour

We learned that at U Medvidku they make all their beer in the building and we were given a tour around the small space to see just how close to the brewery itself guests are seated. In the photo above you’ll see some of the equipment, and I can tell you now that I was standing right next to a table of guests having their dinner (and beer)! The only thing that is ordered elsewhere is the malt, everything else is made in the building.

The beer we tried at Pivovar u Medvidku was called Oldgott, and it is said that it is one of the best beers in the Old Town. U Medvidku also makes X-Beer 33, which is named the strongest beer in the world!

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The second stop on our beer tour in Prague: Pivnice Konvikt

I dare say that the location of this pub was my favourite. Located just across the street from the headquarters of the Secret Police (the StB) who wreaked havoc in the streets of Prague during the Communist reign through the use of blackmail, torture and espionage. The street where the next pub is located is thus known as the ‘terror street’, and the pub itself is aptly named Pivnice Konvikt.

In here we got to enjoy some Czech food, and we had a whole table reserved for us!

Beer tour prague, Konvikt was one of the stops on this Prague beer tour

Now, it’s story time. My friends and I had noticed that there was always so much foam served with the beer in Prague, which (in Norway) we are not used to. It is actually seen as a sign that a bartender isn’t doing a very good job drafting that the beer comes with too much foam.

In Czech Republic, however, our guide told us that a typical pilsner always is (and should be) served with a lot of foam. For some reason, Czechs believe that beer without foam is an abomination. I didn’t actually mind, as I actually really like the foam on beer.

Amongst the other fun facts we learned at Pivnice Konvikt was that the Czechs are actually in the world lead when it comes to drinking beer. On average, they drink 150 liter of beer a year per person! That’s a lot of beer, especially considering that the Moravia region typically speaking prefer wine (like me).

Amongst the food we got to sample was local Hermelin cheese (so yummy!), Czech sausages and bread, and meat dishes like pork. It was a proper smorgasbord, and we all were quite happy with the selection. We learned that a mix of mustard and horse radish is a common side to meat in Czech Republic, as it is considered a more ‘posh’ option to ketchup.

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Our experience of a beer tour in Prague, Czech Republic

The third Prague Beer Tour Stop: U Vejvodů

U Vejvodů is located in the historical center of Prague, and thus it was the perfect place to end our Prague beer tour. Being so close to all the other sights and places of interests in the city ensured that we were within walking distance of what we wanted to do next, and that it was easy for our guide to explain how to get back and leave us there (enjoying our beer).

At U Vejvodů we got to sample two different kinds of beer, both quite dark (yet very different). The first one was the Dark Kozel, which you’ll find many Czechs say is their favourite beer (or so our guide told us). It was very sweet, and for others it is not strong or bitter enough. Personally, I loved it and found it super easy to drink!

The second beer we got to try here was called Master, which is from a rather small brewery. This one was a lot more bitter and strong, and everyone in our group loved it.

I’d love to mention here that every beer we got to try during the beer tour in Prague was full-size (no samples at all). This means, that during our 2,5 hour tour we all had at least 5 full-sized beers, and food. It was definitely great value for money, and if you are planning a trip to Prague at all I strongly recommend going on a beer tour during your visit!

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