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How to make travel easier with a portable translator

by Lisa Stentvedt
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I have seen these small translators around social media for a while, and was incredibly excited when Vasco Electronics reached out asking if I was interested in testing one. I mean, of course I was! The little translator fits anywhere, and since it has free, lifetime (and unlimited) internet, it can easily be brought wherever I go. It actually works in almost 200 countries!

Anyways, since I haven’t been travelling much lately, thanks to a certain global issue that has kept us all on the ground since 2020, I decided to test it with some friends who speak other languages. And it worked so well! You can check out a Tiktok video of us testing the Norwegian to Iranian (Persian) feature here.

About the Vasco Translator

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, I thought I’d share some of the fun features on the Vasco Translator, (or more specifically; the Vasco Translator M3). It is available in several cute colours (I opted for Arctic White), and comes with a wrist strap and gel cover for protection. It’s also very easy to get started using, and the quick start guide almost wasn’t necessary! I was testing it and translating sentences within minutes after opening the box.

Some of the main features and facts that you should know about the portable translator, in addition to those mentioned above, is that it supports over 70 different languages. This means that you’ll be able to communicate with over 90% of the population!

You should also know, that since it uses several different translation engines (six, to be exact), it has a 96% translation accuracy. I have tested with friends, and can confirm that it was correct for the phrases we tested in Norwegian, English, Iranian, Ukrainian, French and German!

Finally, I want to highlight one of my favourite features (which I’ll also mention more below); the photo translator. Basically, it will let you take a photo of a sign, newspaper, restaurant menu (or anything else in a foreign language), and it can translate it into the language you prefer! I know at least one city where this will be very helpful. *ahem* Paris *ahem*

How to make travel easier with a portable translator

As you can probably tell by now, the Portable Translator by Vasco Electronics is something I am extremely excited to start bringing on my travels. So I thought I’d share some more about why this is something I believe will be helpful on future travels.

#1 You are always prepared

Of course, learning phrases and sentences in the local language is always helpful (and fun), but you can’t be prepared for anything. For example, I love learning a few things in the local language when I travel, so I can (try to) ask for directions, order food and so on. However, if my rental car breaks down and I have to call a tow truck, having the Vasco Translator M3 will be very helpful (as there’s no way I can learn sentences for every possible situation in advance).

In addition to always being prepared, it is worth mentioning that there will never be any additional costs with the translator! This might be hard to believe, as you would assume that you might have to top up data or something, but nope. The price you pay has you set for life!

#2 Understanding signs won’t be a problem anymore

Anyone who has navigated the Paris Metro without speaking French knows how it can mess up your day to not be able to read signs. This is where the handy photo translation feature on the Vasco Translator M3 comes in! Simply take a picture of the signs on the Metro, and voilà!

#3 Learning the language will be easier

If you are trying to learn a new language, and are travelling to a destination where they speak that language, the portable translator can be helpful! Whether you need assistance on pronunciation, or just remembering what that last word of a sentence is, simply check it by speaking to the translator in your own language, and listen to the back translation!

#4 Planning trips gets easier!

If you are anything like me, you love planning trips to new destinations, and getting to know the hidden gems and local recommendations wherever you are going. More often than not, the information about these places are in the local language online. But with the translator, researching and planning a trip is so much easier, as I can take photos of the websites and menus, and get help understanding where to go and what to do, according to locals! This is actually what I’m doing in the photos above; planning my next trip!

As you can see, I am obsessed with my new little travel gadget, and I know you will be too! I am very excited, because my readers get an exclusive 10% discount on the Vasco Translator M3 (in any colour), by using LISA10 as their discount code! So make sure to head this way to learn more about the translator, and to get it for yourself!

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