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The Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Dubai

by Lisa Stentvedt

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This is a must if you are ever in Dubai. There are only two mosques in the United Arab Emirates where they let non-muslims in. One is the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi (which I can guarantee you’ve seen around Instagram), and the other is the Jumeirah Grand Mosque in Dubai. We decided to pay a visit to the latter, and joined in on their daily tour.

Visiting the Jumeirah Grand Mosque, Dubai


The exterior of the Mosque is extremely pretty, and the details in the light facade became clearer the closer you got. We managed to snap some great selfies photos before the tour started, and tried our best to contain our excitement and seem classy.

Jumeirah Grand Mosque Dubai


Before the tour starts, women must cover their hair. We tried our best, and felt quite cool with our pretty veils. We were then taken to the ‘washing station’ outside the Mosque, where the guide explained the washing procedure before entering. Naturally, we volunteered to try it, and learned loads in addition to getting to soak out feet in the nice, cold water.

Mosque visit Dubai


Once inside the Mosque, we were told to sit anywhere on the floor, as long as we could hear our guide. She told us everything you could possibly need and want to know about Islam, and it was so interesting to hear. I was surprised at a lot of it, and gladly listened as people asked all the questions I wanted the answers to.

The interior of the Mosque itself was a lot simpler than I had imagined, but still so beautiful. I snapped one photo before I gracefully sat down and put my camera away.

Jumeirah Grand Mosque Dubai

The tour visits the Grand Jumeirah Mosque every day (except Fridays) at 10am, and costs only 10 AED. It is part of a program called Open Doors, Open Minds, and was really worth the symbolic entrance fee. No booking is necessary, but show up at least 15 minutes early. It takes approximately 75 minutes, depending on the questions at the end. I think we spent closer to two hours, there was just so much interesting information to take in!

Jumeirah Grand Mosque Dubai


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Christy 25/02/2016 - 20:17

I loved the Jumeirah Mosque! Such a great experience!

LisaLDN 25/02/2016 - 22:24

It really is! 🙂

Rochelle Fox 26/02/2016 - 14:59

This is so cool. Great experience.

Good vibes, Fox
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LisaLDN 28/02/2016 - 17:56

Thank you, I completely agree – it was such an amazing experience! 🙂

LisaLDN 28/02/2016 - 17:58

Thank you, Julia!

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