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Love This Hotel: Villa Belrose, Saint-Tropez

by Lisa Stentvedt
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// Complimentary stay

I have wanted to visit Saint-Tropez for years, and was so excited to finally go. I had completely fallen for the picture painted of this glamorous town, filled with yachts, fast cars and champagne. So when I finally got to go, I knew I had to stay in a fantastic hotel.

Saint-Tropez, or St. Tropez, depending on how you prefer to spell it, har been a playground for international jet setters for years. Internationally, Brigitte Bardot put the town on the map with the movie And God Created Women, and in France, there is a well-known movie about a police officer in Saint-Tropez that has also made the town a household name.

What an entrance!

I visited Saint-Tropez mid-September, and the temperature was absolutely perfect. Nice and warm, but not so bat that you end up wishing for shade (I’m guilty of complaining of the heat from time to time, unfortunately).

My friend and I arrived at our chosen hotel, the beautiful and luxurious Althoff Hotel Villa Belrose, and were blown away by the view from the outdoor deck just seconds after handing over our car keys (hello complimentary valet parking!). We were greeted with friendly faces, information about the property, and a glass of rosé. What better welcome is there?

Villa Belrose is a magical place, just a short drive from the center of Saint-Tropez. The views of the French Riviera were incredible, and we couldn’t stop gushing over them during our stay. Those of you who saw my Instagram stories while I was there will remember.

The hotel has an incredible (Michelin Star) restaurant on-site, as well as a swimming pool area for guests. Most rooms (there are only 40 total, so if you are looking for that boutique feel, this is your place) had private balconies and porches as well, so we were free to take in the view as much as we pleased.

Our room was located on the same floor as the lobby, with a huge balcony/verandah equipped with sun loungers, a table and chairs, and parasols in case we needed some shade. We spend our evenings here taking in the incredible night-time views of the Riviera, and our mornings drinking coffee there while getting ready for breakfast. There was a capsule machine with great coffee in the room, and you know I appreciate a proper cup of coffee in the morning.

The bathroom and toilet were in two separate rooms, which we found to be absolute genius! So convenient when travelling with others, and definitely something most hotels should consider if they have the space. I also truly enjoyed the note on our night stand encouraging us to only request our linens to be changed if necessary. Being green while travelling can be difficult, but there are some steps (like this one) that will help. Such a nice touch!

As mentioned above, the view from Villa Belrose was absolutely breathtaking, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Saint-Tropez itself was on my bucket list, I probably would have stayed in the hotel through the entire stay. Just look at that photo above!

We were lucky enough to have breakfast included during our stay at Villa Belrose, and we were so glad we did! There was a buffet of bread, a selection of cheese and meat, fresh fruit and berries, cereals, and several kinds of fresh juice. Breakfast heaven, am I right?

In addition to this, we could order our eggs freshly made from the talented chefs in the kitchen, and our breakfast table couldn’t have looked more inviting. What a perfect start to a day on the Riviera.

We also enjoyed lunch by the pool during our stay, and were blown away by the food. My friend ordered the Carbonara, a classic that they perfected to the T, and I tried their special Summer Truffle Pizza. I’ve never had truffle pizza before, and it was so yummy! If you are in the area, I can definitely recommend stopping by Villa Belrose for an incredible lunch with a view.

All-in-all, our stay at Villa Belrose in Saint-Tropez was nothing short of amazing. We spent our days soaking in the views, relaxing by the pool, and going into the center of Saint-Tropez, less than a 10-minute drive away. I definitely know where I’ll be staying on my next visit to the Riviera!

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