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Planning a Winter Getaway – A guide

by Lisa Stentvedt
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People choose winter getaways for all sorts of reasons. You might want to escape the cold weather, use up those vacation days you’ve got left or have a destination wedding to attend. No matter why you’re traveling in the winter, here are some tips to make sure you plan your winter getaway accordingly.

Guide to Planning a Winter Getaway

Decide Your Climate

Unless you have no choice in the matter, like for a wedding, decide if you want to avoid the cold or embrace it. There’s a pretty big difference in the activities you can do, so think about that as well. If you want to relax, a beach is probably your best bet, but if you’re feeling adventurous winter offers all sorts of sports and activities, like skiing or snowboarding.

If this is your annual family trip, consider what you did last year and try to do something different. If you went to Disney World or another theme park, think about switching it up and going ice-skating and snow tubing. Kids love to take on new adventures.

Read about visitig the Norwegian fjords in the Winter here.

Think Outside the Box

So many people think of Mexico or the Caribbean when they want to go somewhere warm. But don’t forget that it’s summer in the Southern Hemisphere when it’s winter in the Northern one. New Zealand is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, and it gives you a lot more than just a beach to lie on. Don’t miss all of the unforgettable things to do in New Zealand.

If a beach and relaxation is all you want, there are still plenty of destinations that are beyond what you’d normally think of. Costa Rica is in the Caribbean, but not a place that people tend to focus on. And there are plenty of other exotic islands and countries that won’t be overcrowded with tourists.

Turn an Event into Your Vacation

Maybe you are lucky enough to be traveling internationally this Winter season because you have an event already planned. For example, maybe a wedding! If this is the case, get there a few days before the actual ceremony or stay a few days after. Use this chance to take advantage of the perks of having a destination wedding and enjoy some of the various things the location has to offer. Since you’ll often have some group activities planned for the days before the wedding, staying after really lets you explore on your own.

This helps you take all the decision making out of your vacation, so there’s no fighting over where to go! It might not be the place you would’ve chosen, but it still gives you a chance to explore somewhere new.

Guide to Planning a Winter Getaway

Plan A Vacay with Variety

If you can’t choose between the cold and the warmth, why not do both? Indoor waterparks have become pretty popular lately. See if you can find a place that has one of those near a ski resort as well. That way you can break out your bikini and warm up after shredding on the slopes all day. This is a great option if you’re traveling with kids!

If you’re going solo, do a trek to multiple places if you can. Go across Europe, continent hop—choose a bunch of destinations. You don’t have anyone else to worry about when you’re making the decision, so why not go to all the places your heart desires?

Get the Best of Both Worlds

If you’re taking a family vacation, but want some alone adult time too, try a vacation that gives you both. A cruise is a great way to spend family time, but also offers activities for both parents and kids separately.

Cruise ships often offer babysitting as well as activities for kids that they can do while the parents are doing other things. Some have teen clubs as well, where they can go hang out. This way you can enjoy some alone time, while also doing shore excursions and other ship activities as a family.

Consider Your Options

When you have a place locked down, browse around for hotels and resorts. Don’t just go for the first one that pops up. Certain places might meet your specific needs better, like if you want family friendly lodging or adults only.

You might want to avoid the super pushy tourist hotels, too—especially if this is their peak season. They’re probably charging higher rates and want to get innocent tourists that don’t know better. It’s always best to do some heavy research before you pick a place to stay.

Think About the Full Cost

Make sure you know the full cost. This means figuring in any transportation—both getting to your destination and while you’re there—along with lodging, activities, food and souvenirs. If you have a budget, think of where you want to cut costs to make sure that you’re staying within that.

Too many people forget about all the little details when they’re working numbers. Make sure you’re accounting for every little thing so you aren’t unprepared for when these things come up. It’s good to have a little extra money as well in case the unexpected happens.

Winter is one of the best times for a getaway. Now get planning your perfect vacation!

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