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What to Wear in Thailand: Packing List

by Lisa Stentvedt

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As you are reading this, I am about to touch down in Krabi, Thailand, before getting on a bus and a boat toward the beautiful Koh Lanta. I wrote this post out of frustration while trying to figure out what to wear in Thailand when I realised that it is much easier (and more fun) to plan outfits online than to actually find the clothes and put them in that darn suitcase (though afterwards, I will be using this as my official Thailand packing list, so technically I am being productive here). This may even help me with the mental packing block I seem to be constantly struggling with!

If you, like me, hate packing and feel at a complete loss every time you open that empty suitcase, you may enjoy this list that I compiled of the most helpful packing guides found online!

I have cleverly (in my opinion) split this post into outfits so that you can browse through what to take to Thailand on an outfit by outfit basis. So, if you found this post because you were trying to plan specific outfits for Thailand as you were packing; you’re in the right spot (you fashionista)!

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Wondering what to wear in Thailand? Keep reading!

What to wear in Thailand: My Outfits for Thailand

Are you ready to dive into what to wear in Thailand? Naturally, the type of holiday you are having there will affect what you should wear, and since I am planning a mix between a beach holiday and an adventure trip, the outfits for Thailand found below reflect this. Of course, if you are heading to Bangkok, you might want to lay off the beach wraps and focus more on the comfy day-to-day wear (I’m thinking jean shorts and tops that breathe).

As mentioned, I have split this into outfits for Thailand, and each has its own heading (and a brief explanation). A massive side note; I am not a fashion blogger. If that’s what you’re into, go follow Mykenna from the Bachelor. However, I am a practical travel blogger, and like making things easy for myself and you guys, so I thought writing down what to wear in Thailand in order to create a Thailand packing list would be helpful for us all. If you found this post helpful, why not let me know in the comments?

Alternatively, if you think a Thailand outfit is missing from the list; let me know as well! I’d be happy to add it!

#1 What to wear on the flight to Thailand

On flights, I am all about comfort. Whether I’m flying Business Class or Economy, you will never find me getting off a plane like Victoria Beckham. I always pack a pair of fuzzy, warm socks, and they go on my feet the second I sit down. I always travel in workout tights, as they are the most comfortable trousers I own. No shame and no judgment in this area. I also make sure to always pack my Kindle in my carry-on, as I’m sure the flight will just fly by (see what I did there?). For some of my favourite books (Kindle or no Kindle), head this way.

#2 Beach Day – Colour Vibes

I bring a minimum of two sets of bikinis on all beach trips so that I can dress according to how I want to come off that day. Just kidding, but I do love both of these beach looks, and they sure give off different vibes, am I right? I love a good colour party, and this look is perfect for days at the beach bar. Further down I’ve added my favourite sunglasses too (in addition to the killer pair found on this list), so if you want to really stand out, scroll down to #9!

#3 Beach Day – Simple & Classic (an absolute must of what to wear in Thailand!)

You definitely can’t go wrong with this look, and I’ve had my sight on that sunhat for ages (as with all other Instagrammers)!

#4 Dinner Time – Dressing Up

Some evenings you want to dress up and play a little more fancy than usual. Especially when traveling abroad is this a thing, because you will be able to afford more than you could at home. I can’t wait to put a nice dress on, put my hair in a pretty headband and pretend like I always eat at restaurants where they pour your wine for you.

#5 Dinner Time – Dressing Down (probably one of my favourite outfits for Thailand)

You can never go wrong with jeans shorts and a fun top, I think it’s a rule of feminism. An extra plus: with shorts you have pockets, which means you won’t have to carry a bag to dinner. I absolutely hate having to bring a bag to literally carry two items; my phone and my wallet, and love it when I don’t have to! Truth be told, I usually dump my shit in someone else’s bag.

#6 Staying Active

It is important to try and get some active minutes in when most of your time is spent lounging by the pool and eating great food. I’ve found that bringing my trainers makes me feel so guilty about not using them that I end up spending an hour in the hotel gym, so I never travel without them.

#7 Exploring

My number one tip for dressing on days spent hiking, boating or in general exploring the area; wear your bikini underneath. I know that every hike or trail we find in Thailand will end with jumping in the pool or nearest body of water, so I will make sure to always be bikini ready. Also; bug spray.

#8 Adventure Day

This one is a little different from the exploring outfit, as it relates more to proper adventures to have in Thailand (such as ziplining or going on a quad-bike safari). When choosing outfits for these kinds of days, I always try to be prepared for anything, as you often spend the whole day out (and away from your hotel). So pack a backpack with your swimsuit and a towel, a water bottle (such as these ones), and a portable charger.

#9 Must-Have Accessories for your Thailand packing list

The lip balm is #1 on this list for a reason; I would die without it. Especially on planes, as your skin tends to dry out during long flights. Other necessities include a portable charger and a proper set of headphones (for flights; recommend noise-cancelling ones, but for the beach; the ones on the list are perfect, and so cute).

#10 Sunglasses on my Thailand packing list

As mentioned, I love a good pair of sunglasses, and ever since investing (that’s what it felt like) in my first pair of Ray-Bans (or “grown-up sunglasses” as I call them), I’ve been hooked on pairing them with what I’m wearing that day. So, if you are looking for a new pair, these are my favourites (and they just happen to go so well with the outfits for Thailand outlined above)!

What to wear in Thailand: Final words

Now that we’ve covered a few outfits for Thailand for you to add to your packing list, I hope I’ve made packing for your next trip a little easier! When it comes to what to wear in Thailand, there aren’t many do’s and don’ts you need to be aware of, but I would recommend bringing a shawl to cover up your shoulders if you are visiting any temples or sacred places.

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This wasn’t a usual post for me, so I’m curious to know what you guys think! Do you like these ‘outfit posts’ (bear in mind you’ll never find me posting my ‘Outfit of the Day’)? Would you like to see more of them? Let me know!

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