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How to use Social Media to Excel in your Career

by Lisa Stentvedt
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In light of some of the before-mentioned changes on Fjords and Beaches, you will be seeing some content relating to social media coming up. We kicked off with an amazing post by Michele on how she grew her Instagram to 34k followers, and now I’ve got another amazing article coming your way!

If you’re thinking social media is purely for wasting time, staring at smoothie bowls and passive-aggressively liking Facebook statuses, think again. Nicole from Glamorously You is here to share some ways you can leverage social media for your career. I hope you like it, and do let me know in the comments what you think! — Lisa

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Using Social Media to Excel in your Career

When I started Glamorously You almost three years ago, I really didn’t know much about social media, let alone how to use it to advance my career! I struggled with figuring out what I should be sharing with my followers and whom the right people were to follow. Essentially, I couldn’t figure out my voice and purpose for being there.

It wasn’t until a few years in that I discovered the power social media has to inspire and help you grow your career. It is an ideal place to share your knowledge and accomplishments with the people who matter, to network with other professionals, and to seek inspiration that will drive you to keep striving toward your goals.

So if you’re sick of looking at your usual news feed and wasting hours a week mindlessly scrolling, then read on to learn more about how you can use social media to excel in your career!

Seek out inspiring and positive content

This was my first foray into changing how I used social media, which I ended up writing about on Glamorously You. I was sick of being exposed to so much negativity every time I logged on. There was always someone ranting about something ridiculous or people bullying and fighting with each other.

I recognized how much I enjoyed following my favorite artists and bloggers, so I decided to do an inspiration overhaul! I unfollowed anyone who was negative (this included some celebrities too) and began searching for more inspiring accounts to follow.

I also started to follow more accounts that posted content relevant to my field of work. So not only was I getting inspired every time I went on social media, I was also improving myself as a professional!

After a while, all of my news feeds transformed into batches of positivity and inspiration. Now I can rely on social media to brighten my day and spark new ideas for my life and career.

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Network with other professionals

Almost everyone has a presence on social media these days, so use that to your advantage! Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to connect with others in your field. Here’s how:

  • LinkedIn was essentially created for professional networking so this is definitely where you want to be. Make an effort to complete and regularly update your profile, connect with people in your industry, and join relevant groups to participate in.
  • Twitter can be used to easily connect with industry leaders and join in on Twitter chats, which are tweeted discussions usually led by a popular figure or company in a specific field.
  • When on Facebook, search for relevant groups to join where you can meet others in your field and join in on discussions.

There is no easier way to try and connect with an industry thought leader than on social media! Just think about it, years ago people would have to write letters to people they admired in their industry with the hope that they would actually read them and respond back! Now a simple tweet can get you into a conversation with your career idols.

Don’t be afraid to spark discussions with these people or reach out to like-minded professionals. Who knows, you might find yourself a new opportunity!

Show off your personal brand

Think of your social media pages as your own little corner of the Internet – use it to show off who you are! Everyone has a personal brand built off of their opinions, beliefs, platforms, and style. Think about what yours is and how you can appropriately portray it online.

Once you’ve done this, be sure to fill out your bios with creative descriptions that accurately represent who you are, and post quality content that further portrays your personality and professional prowess.

You should know by now that most potential employers will check your social media pages out before they hire you, so use that opportunity to help them get to know you better.

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Share what you know

What’s your opinion on the latest merger? Or on the latest software to be released in your industry? Social media is the place to share your opinions, after all!

Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard. It will spark conversations (hopefully civilized debates at worst and insightful exchanges at best) and let other people in your industry know that you are aware of what’s going on and that you have an opinion about it.

Another way to share your knowledge and experience on social media is to post about any recent projects and accomplishments you may have achieved. Whether it’s a newly earned certification or a completed thesis, post links to everything to let your followers (and potential employers) know what you’ve got!

Don’t let the lure of cat memes and catfights control you! Recognize the power social media has to add inspiration into your life and make valuable connections with important people. Think about what changes you can make to transform it into a positive force that will propel you and your career to new heights!


how to grow your business using social media, social media tips, business growth, social media growth

how to grow your business using social media, social media tips, business growth, social media growthAbout the author: Nicole DaRosa is the founder and blogger-in-chief of Glamorously You, where she helps young women on their journey to becoming their most glamorous selves, inside and out. Through her writing, she encourages readers to feel confident in their true identities, partake in constant self-improvement, and sport a style of their own. Nicole describes herself as a glamorous introvert, lipstick connoisseur, avid journalista, and a lover of all things sparkly.

Keep up with her and all things Glamorously You on social media!

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