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Travel Decor Items for the Home of the Traveller

by Lisa Stentvedt
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If you are anything like me, you wish could travel all the time. Sadly, this isn’t a possibility for most of us, but luckily there are ways to infuse a little wanderlust in your home decor. I’m sure you’ve seen those extremely detailed travel themed homes on Pinterest, but don’t worry. You don’t have to go all in order to showcase your love for travelling in your interior design. These travel decor items are the perfect addition to the home of a traveller and will show anyone visiting that you’d rather be anywhere else.

I’ve compiled a list of travel decor items that will really showcase how much you love travelling, and add some inspiration to your home.

Travel Decor Items for the Home of any Traveller

I have tried to split this list of travel decor into sections by room, so it’s easier for you to find what you are looking for! The only heading that isn’t sorted by room is the Decorations one since travel themed wall art and other decorations can go almost anywhere 🙂

Here’s a guide to how I find interior decorating styles and home decor inspiration when I am travelling!

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Travel decor for the living room

Spruce up your living room with some of these travel-themed objects!

A quick and easy way to make your living room more ‘wanderlusty’ is to start filling the couch with some travel-themed pillows! You can pick some with beautiful photos of your favourite places, like this one, or go for pillows with writing and quotes, like this ‘Wanderlust’ pillow. I am also loving this simple white compass pillow, and this cute vintage map one!

Want to make sure you are always on time? Why not add this wanderlust wall clock to your living room interior?

When you’re ready to up your living room shelves game, you should consider changing out the IKEA shelves to these vintage suitcase shelves. Some fun alternatives are these shelves or these.

I am loving the idea of travel-themed drink coasters! There are plenty of styles to choose between, from vintage coasters to these world map ones, to these fun palm tree coasters.

Last, but not least, the next time you need to open a beer, how fun would it be to reach for this fun little aeroplane bottle opener? And while you’re at it, you might as well have a look at this matching aeroplane bottle holder.

Previously I’ve written a post about how I added tropical vibes to my living room with these fun posters!

Travel decor for the office

You can’t envision travel decor for an office without thinking about a globe bar. You may not be lucky enough to drink on the job like the guys on Mad Men (or like a travel blogger), but you can still give off the luxurious vibe you get from having one of these in your office. To be fair, you don’t even need to use it to store alcohol. I have found two versions of the classic globe bar: Version 1 // Version 2

Another fun, travel-themed decor item for your office are these globe bookends. There are also these Eiffel tower ones, or these cute anchor bookends. Lots of options to match your decor style.

When you’ve got files and papers scattered everywhere, it’s time to get things in order. This cute plane paperweight will make sure that your paper stays in one place.

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Travel decor for the bedroom

Go to bed dreaming of new destinations and adventures abroad by sleeping in travel-themed bedding. Cover your bed in your favourite city, like this Paris in Autumn bedspread. If you’re a bit of an aviator, you’ll love this aeroplane bedding set, and for the adventurers out there, this one is quite fun!

There are also pillows and pillowcases that can spruce up your bedding situation if you don’t mind throwing in a few extra. This one and this one are great examples of simple pillows with travel-themed quotes, and if you enjoy vintage interior, you’ll really like this pillow.

Want to wake up in style? How about starting your day with this world map alarm clock? If you want something a little less futuristic, then you’ll like this classic one.

Travel decor for the bathroom

You’d be surprised at how much travel decor you can find out there, and you can even spruce up your bathroom with the latest trends in travel-themed interior design. Who would have thought?

If you are looking for some ocean vibes for your beauty routine, you’ll love these mermaid makeup brushes. Perfect for any girl who secretly (or not so secretly) wishes she was a mermaid.

One big way you can add some wanderlust to your bathroom is by changing out your shower curtain. These travel themed shower curtains are bound to make you want to jump on a plane, and I am personally finding it hard to pick just one! This one with beautiful landscape covering it is so stunning, and this one with the quote on it is super fun! You can also get one to match your suitcase, or even a shower curtain with an aeroplane on! You can also get some fun bath mats to match.

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Travel decor: Decorations

This is where you will find travel themed wall art, travel photography and art, and other freestanding decorations to spruce up your home! They can go in any room, which is why they have their own category.

Stickers and decals

World maps

Posters, photographs and paintings

There you have it. Some travel decor to keep your wanderlust senses inspired, even when you aren’t travelling! If you are wondering how to survive when you’re not travelling, you might as well start shopping for some interior decorations, hey?


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