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Travel Blog Names: Tips & Blog Name Ideas for your Travel Blog

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Are you starting a travel blog but you’re out of blog name ideas? Then this post is for you! I’ve personally been through 3 travel blog names (no joke) in my years as a travel blogger, and know the struggle of picking a name, knowing when to stop trying to list more creative blog names, and just how worried you are that your blog name will become outdated or that you’ll grow tired of it. In this post, I go through everything you need in order to name your travel blog, and even have some travel blog name ideas at the bottom!

Choosing from all the different travel blog names out there isn’t easy, but you may also be struggling to think of any blog name ideas at first. That’s probably why you found this post, and I get it. Trying to think of a good blog name is hard, especially when you want the name of your blog to be descriptive of what your blog is, memorable for any of your readers, and catchy enough so that you won’t grow tired of it.

Below I have outlined the steps I took in naming my travel blog, and the travel blog names I have been through (did I mention I have had 3?). With so many great creative blog names out there, you are bound to come across a few travel blog name ideas you like (and even love!). The tricky part is to find the one that’s for you and make it stick.

Before you go ahead and pick a name for your travel blog, I advise you to read this list of things I wish I knew before I became a full-time blogger. It may give you a few pointers that I wish I had before taking my blog full time.

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travel blog names
Thinking of good travel blog names can be hard

Travel blog names: How to name your travel blog

The process of naming your travel blog can be quite simple, even when you are struggling to pick a name. Here are the simple steps for naming your travel blog, and I will go into further details below. This list is relevant whether you are naming a travel blog or a lifestyle blog (or any other blog, for that matter).

  1. Brainstorm travel blog names and create a list of suggestions
  2. Pick your favourite blog name ideas from the list
  3. Check that your favourite names are available
  4. Leave it for 1-2 days
  5. Go back to the list and (hopefully) pick the name that resonates most with you
  6. Register your blog name and start your travel blog!

The list above is a guideline as to the process I went through when naming my travel blog (the last time). I had already been through 2 travel blog names and made the mistake of not following the process outlined above.

If you are ready to learn more about starting a blog, don’t miss this overview of every single blog term you need to know to grow your blog!

Step 1: Brainstorming blog name ideas

Before getting to this point (and this article), you probably have a few ideas about what kind of travel blog you want to start, and how you want to go about naming it. You’ll probably have decided the main focus for your blog, such as budget travel or weekend trips. If you haven’t; don’t worry. I’m just saying this as it can be a good starting point when picking a name for your travel blog.

My point is; start by having a think about what your blog is actually going to be about. Do you have a niche or a clear topic? Is there anything relating to this that can be used to name your travel blog? If possible, you want to make it clear for people what the blog is about, or what they can expect to find on your travel blog.

To help you get a better start when brainstorming travel blog names, here are a few questions/pointers to consider:

Is your blog going to be location-specific?

This is a great thing to keep in mind when choosing from all the travel blog name ideas out there, as it will not only narrow down your choices, but also help tell your reader (and Google, but that’s a post for another day) what your blog is about. 

For example, my blog started as an online diary where I could share my adventures as an exchange student in Wales with my friends and family back home. Therefore, I aptly (and originally, har har) named my blog ‘Lisa in Wales’. Now you might understand why I ended up having to rebrand my blog eventually, as I didn’t live in Wales for longer than a year.

A note on location-specific blog names: don’t forget to think ahead! ‘Sarah in Ireland’ might be a great name for your travel blog while you’re studying in Ireland, but if you know you’ll be moving to Germany soon, consider ‘Sarah in Europe’ instead.

Will your blog have a very clear (and narrow) topic?

If you know your travel blog is going to be covering all kinds of culinary travel, choosing a travel blog name that is food-related could be a good idea. Examples of blogs who have successfully picked names that relate to their niche are;

What kind of travelling do you usually do?

Apologies in advance for the odd title sentence here, as I know you don’t actually ‘do’ travelling. But bear with me here. 

The thing to keep in mind here, which can also help you narrow down your niche a little, is what style of travel you usually have. This can be of great help when picking your travel blog name.

Do you usually go backpacking and travel by Interrail? Are you always travelling with friends or solo? Do you love a good luxury hotel? Do you always seek out the best thrills and adventures in a new destination?

All of these things can help give you ideas as to what creative blog names you should add to your list. 

Once you have had a little think about these things, write down a list of as many travel blog name ideas you can think of. I mean as many as you can! Just sit down and let the inspiration flow, and write as fast as you can, not stopping to re-read anything. Don’t worry if you write down something you think is taken already, as this is part of the process. We will be checking if the names are taken once you’ve picked your favourites in the next step.

Hopefully you’ll end up with a list of at least 10 blog name ideas.

Blog name ideas
There are so many great blog name ideas out there

Step 2: Picking your favourite travel blog name ideas

The next step on the list is to read through the blog name ideas you have just written down, and pick your favourites. Read through them all, and pick your top 5. Create a separate list with these 5, and then move on to the next step; checking if your selected names are taken. 

Bear in mind that you may have to go back to this step if a name is taken. Don’t worry about it if you have to, that’s why we wrote down so many names at first.

Step 3: Checking that your favourite travel blog names are available

The first thing you must do after deciding on your favourite (potential) blog names is to make sure those handles are available on social media and as a domain.

A domain is simply ‘www.yourtravelblogname.com’, and by owning your travel blog name as a domain, you reserve the rights to use the name as your website/blog. Checking whether your favourite titles are available is easy, simply enter it into this little box and hit ‘Check availability’.

Do this with all your selected favourites now, just to make sure. Since the next step involves leaving it for 1-2 days, you don’t want to spend 48 hours mulling over your travel blog name ideas only to come back and find that your chosen name and domain is taken.

Also, make sure it is available on all your main social media platforms (usually Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). This doesn’t have to take long, and you can just do a quick search on each of them. Even if you’re thinking you won’t get into Twitter, I would still advise you to score your blog handle there, as it will look bad for your brand if some 12-year-old starts tweeting from it in 5 months’ time.

Pinterest and Twitter have some silly length limits to how long your handle can be, and this is something to consider this when deciding on your new blog name. Personally, I failed to do this when I fell for Fjords and Beaches, which is why you’ll find me on Twitter and Pinterest under @FjordsBeaches. Yayy.

Once you have checked the domain availability for your list of favourite blog names, you’re ready for the next step.

Step 4: Leave it for a few days

This may seem a little odd, but trust me on this. There is nothing better you can do your yourself than leave your list of favourite blog name ideas for a few days before picking it up again. This is similar to what you would do when writing an essay in school, as you were bound to find potential errors and changes to make when leaving it for a little while.

So, take 1-2 days (depending on how eager you are) and leave your list. Don’t look at it, and don’t try to think about it too much.

Step 5: Pick a name for your travel blog!

It’s time to pick up your list of travel blog names again and finally pick a name! When you look at the list again you should be able to pick one name that really resonates with you, and that you prefer to the others. 

If you can’t seem to pick a name, leave it for another day or so, or simply start the process over again. You can also ask people what they think (such as your friends or fellow travel bloggers in a Facebook group), but when it comes to it, you’re the one making the decision.

Fun fact: When I rebranded from LisaLDN (location-specific again) to Fjords and Beaches, I asked in a Facebook group for travel bloggers what they all thought of my new blog name. I got loads of different feedback, and quickly realised that I was disappointed not everyone loved Fjords and Beaches. That, to me, was a clear sign that Fjords and Beaches was the name that resonated with me the most, and was one of the reasons I ended up picking it!

register your blog name

Step 6: Register your blog name and start your travel blog!

Once you have decided on a name, you are ready for the good stuff; it’s time to start your travel blog! The first thing you need to get sorted now is your domain (to make sure you actually own your new blog name as a website), and your social media handles.

So head on over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and create those accounts!

Then, use the little box below to lock down your website and domain!

Bonus: Using the box will give you a major discount on BlueHost hosting!

BlueHost has an offer for me to share with all of you guys, which includes FREE domain registration, and up to 50% off on your hosting (which can get quite expensive, and is a must when starting a travel blog). I’m really excited about this, and have included a screenshot below just to show how crazy the discount can get.

travel blog name ideas
Once you’ve picked a name from your list of travel blog name ideas, you’re good to go!

I’ve heard so many different things about which hosting to choose for your travel blog, but personally, I have always loved BlueHost because of their customer service. Whenever I don’t understand something ‘tech-y’ and blog-related, I simply Tweet their help desk, and they get back to me within hours to help me! They are the best, and I couldn’t recommend them more.

Once your domain is registered and your hosting is sorted, you are all set to get started blogging! Below you’ll find some more ideas for travel blog names that can help you, and I hope you have found the post helpful so far.

Creative blog names
Find some creative blog names below to help you!

Travel blog name ideas

There are so many different ways to name your travel blog, and you can find countless of lists of travel blog name ideas out there. This list doesn’t specifically list actual names for travel blogs you can use (because then they would all eventually be taken), but lists actual travel blog name ideas that you can use when brainstorming. I’ve included examples for some, to make it clear what I mean.

Hopefully this list will give you some inspiration for when you sit down and write your own list! These don’t have to be the name of your travel blog on their own, but can be used as starting points to start playing around with different names, and can all be included in a name.

  • Your name on its own
  • A travel-related description + your name (e.g. Curious Lisa)
  • Your name + a destination (e.g. Lisa in Wales)
  • Your name + something you love doing when travelling (e.g. Diving Lisa)
  • Your name + your favourite mode of transport (Lisa on a plane)
  • The name of where you grew up
  • The name of your favourite destination
  • A name that relates to where you grew up or your favourite destination (literally Fjords and Beaches, haha!)
  • Words relating to the kind of travelling you do (luxury, adventure, backpacker)
  • Words relating to your lifestyle (nomadic, weekender)
  • Words relating to your favourite climate or the weather
  • Any other travel names ideas that should be added to the list of suggestions? Leave them in a comment below!

Creative Blog Names – The future of travel blog names?

I’m including this little section here at the end, because with the number of travel blogs out there growing constantly, we are seeing more and more original and creative travel blog names being shared. With this, you shouldn’t get let down, but simply be happy that there are so many options out there! Let your creativity flow, and don’t worry about having to explain your blog name to people, or whether everyone will understand it (all thought it is of course ideal to have a blog name that people ‘get’).

Personally, I know that not everyone knows what a fjord is. But I made a decision that I would name my blog according to me and my target audience, who are all travel-loving adventurers who are happy to stay in a cheap hotel one day in order to be in the best location in town, while checking into a luxury hotel the next to make the most of the spa. All of these people, myself included, know very well what a fjord is. My point is that if someone doesn’t know what it is, they may not be the right reader for my blog anyway. And that’s okay.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and play around. You don’t necessarily need to describe what your blog is about, and you can easily put together together two words that are related to your style of travel, for example! This is a great way to name your travel blog in a creative way, such as Fjords and Beaches (heyy!) and Planes and Champagne (a luxury travel blog).

Another way to get creative with the name of your travel blog is simply by using a phrase or popular travel term, such as My Life is a Movie and Hand-Luggage Only

More and more people are also getting creative in a new way, by changing up the standard spelling of well-known words. A huge, and very successful example of this is Gypsea Lust.

As you can see, there are almost more creative blog names than ‘standard’ ones these days, and you have all the choices in the world when naming your travel blog! Just make sure you find a name you think you will still love in a year, and that you put your heart and soul into it when you get started. As mentioned above, my main advice when picking a travel blog name is to think ahead, to avoid having to rebrand your whole blog several times (like me).

Useful resources for new travel bloggers

how to pick a travel blog name

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