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15 Most Popular Instagram Photos from 2016

by Lisa Stentvedt
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2016 has been a whirlwind when it comes to travels and beautiful places, and my Instagram has been the main platform to showcase it. From the white, sandy beaches in the Indian Ocean to the beautiful buildings in the Danish capital, I have seen some pretty Insta-worthy places over the past year, and I love sharing them with you!

Most popular Instagram posts of 2016

The list below includes the top 15 Instagram photos from 2016, based on overall engagement. Some of them surprised me a little, while some came pretty obvious to me.

Top 15 Instagram posts from 2016

#15 Colosseum, Rome

This photo was taken during a guided tour through Colosseum, which left me with a head full of knowledge about the Roman Empire and culture.

#14 Clear water, the Maldives

I think this is one of my favourite photos from the year, as well. Just look at the colour of that ocean!

#13 Waianae Beach, Oahu

Not one of my favourite photos of me, but how cool is it that the person snorkelling is in the shot? I love that!

#12 Chichen Itza, Mexico

I’m quite impressed that we managed to get this photo without the hundreds of other tourists that were flocking around. Also not pictured; the sweat droplets on my face (hottest day ever).

#11 Turtle, Akumal beach, Mexico

I can’t believe this photo is #11, I’d guess it to be in the top 5, at least. I think this is one of the best photos I’ve ever taken (shameless, I know).

#10 Underwater selfie, Hawaii

Who doesn’t love a good GoPro selfie? This was taken in the pool at Disney’s Aulani.

#9 Forum Romanum, Italy

This is from the same trip as the Colosseum photo above (same outfit, too, I think!)

#8 Sand dunes, the Maldives

I could have stayed in the Maldives forever, and will never forget watching the sun set in the ocean from the beach.

#7 The Fjords, Norway

Shameless blogger pose. Can you imagine how silly my friend felt as I gave him the camera and ran to the front of the yacht?

#6 Sun Island, the Maldives

This photo was taken as we were on our way out to the sand dunes pictured above, all the way at the tip of the island. I was skipping around because I was so happy there!

#5 Tulum, Mexico

This was such a fun photoshoot. The walkway was just outside our room in Tulum, we couldn’t not head out there to pose for these photos!

#4 Sand dunes, the Maldives

Another photo from the same exact shoot as above! I guess I’m not the only one LOVING everything related to the Maldives.

#3 Xel-ha, Mexico

Xel-Ha Park in Mexico is a must if you are heading to the Riviera Maya area! An all natural waterpark is perfect if you love being in the water (like me).

#2 A bar in Rome

I must admit I don’t really undestand why this photo made it to #2. I was out in Rome, really feeling those drinks, and was obsessed with my new Kylie Lip Kit. I really think I just wanted an excuse to show it off.. Wearing Exposed, by the way.

#1 Sand dunes, Dubai

I’m so happy that this is #1, as it has been my profile picture on all of my social media handles for a while! It also happens to be the photo where I announced the rebranding of LisaLDN.com to FjordsAndBeaches.com, which I choose to take as a good sign!

There you have them, the top 15 Instagram photos from 2016. If you don’t follow me on Instagram already, you should.

What are your top photos from 2016? Which of the photos above is your favourite?

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