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The Best 2019 Prime Day Deals for Travellers

by Lisa Stentvedt
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With Amazon Prime Day 2019 coming up fast (July 15th and 16th, two whole days this year), it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed by all the amazing deals and offers. For those of you who don’t know, Prime Day is a weekend packed with amazing offers on Amazon for Prime members (I’ll be getting the free trial for it). Since there is such an insane selection of deals to choose from, I thought I would scavenge through them all and find the best Amazon Prime Day deals for travellers (and people who love to travel)! Aka, I had nothing better to do on a Tuesday.

Most of these deals I know you’re going to want for yourself, but remember that Prime Day is the perfect time to shop for presents as well. So if you have a traveller friend with a birthday coming up, why not save some $$$ while getting them the perfect gift? Additionally, you can head to this list of perfect presents for the travel lover in your life.

Now, in order to be eligible for all the great Prime Day offers, you must have signed up for Amazon Prime. This is only $12.99 a month ($6.49 for students), but first, you get a 30-day free trial (which is more than enough to get all your Prime Day 2019 discounts)! Sign up to your free Amazon Prime trial here!

Side note: you’ll find more free trials below, in addition to great traveller offers, such as a free Audible Trial, a Free Amazon Music Trial and a Free Kindle Unlimited Trial (my favourite, you know I love my Kindle).

Amazon Prime Day deals for travellers travelers 2019
Keep reading for the best Amazon Prime Day deals and offers for travellers!

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The Best Deals for Travellers & Travel Lovers

If you love to travel, like me, you’ll also be a sucker for a good deal, I’m sure. Below you’ll find the best deals and offers during Amazon Prime Day for travellers to help you save some $$$ on your next travel purchase.

Don’t forget that Prime Day 2019 is for 2 days (not 1, like before), and starts Midnight PT on the 15th of July, until the end of the 16th of July! So if you want to take advantage of these offers you better bookmark this and save the dates in your calendar.

What’s also worth looking out for are Prime Day Launches. These are products launching on Prime Day especially for Prime Members (with incredible launch deals).

Travel Products on sale for Prime Day 2019

Here are some of the best travel products I found, either launching or on offer for Prime Day. Some of the deals can be up to 70%, so it’s a great time to snag your presents and new gadgets. Please note that you should check back here or on the Prime Day page on the 15th and 16th though, as there are new deals added all the time during Prime Day, some for a limited time only!

30% off iPads and Apple Watches!

I know the watches may not be typical items a traveller would buy, but I sure love bringing my iPad on long-haul flights! I always find content to download offline and can spend hours watching movies on it. For Prime Day this year, Amazon is offering 30% off a bunch of Apple iPads! Shop here!

70% off Samsonite Luggage

Raise your hand if you (like most travellers) love Samsonite! Well, for Prime Day you’ll find a bunch of Samsonite luggage on up to 70% off! Seriously, the set on the side here is just $119.99!


Holy Stone GPS Drone

Who would have thought that a brand new drone would launch on Prime Day? This is PERFECT for travellers wanting to get into droning without breaking the bank, as it is launching for just $149.99 exclusively for Prime Members (make sure to sign up for the free trial)!


3 Tropical-themed Zipped Pouches

I love using pouches like these when I am packing, and they are a great way to sort things in your suitcase! I use one for electronics, one for pens, business cards and other small items, and one for toiletries. I think I have around 10 different pouches now, but will be buying these too when they launch on Prime Day!


40% off Outdoor Essentials

For Prime Day, Amazon has put together an impressive selection of “Outdoor Essentials” from brands like CamelBak and Columbia. These are perfect for backpackers, or travellers who like being smart about heir trips. Click the link below to shop all their outdoor essentials offers!


Genius document organiser for travels

This organiser is absolute genious, and I love the tropical style. It is from the same brand as the pouches above, and launches on Prime Day exclusively! This is a clever way to organise your passport, travel documents and all the other stuff you need to make it through the airport effortlessly.


Kygo Noise-cancelling Headphones

Here’s another Amazon Prime Day Launch. I have a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and I swear they are absolute gold for travelling on an aeroplane! It’s the only way I can sleep on long-haul flights, I swear.


Duffel bag for just $8

Depending on whether you prefer to travel with a carry-on suitcase, a backpack (those are on sale too!), or a bag, you might like this duffel bag that’s just $8 in the days leading up to Prime Day!



girl reading on Kindle by window, amazon kindle unlimited 2019
Always travelling with my Kindle

Amazing free trials for travellers

As mentioned, there are some great free trials available on Amazon (with up to 6 months free on Amazon Prime if you are a student!). Personally, I can’t travel anywhere without my Kindle, but I also love listening to Audiobooks on planes and whilst driving. So here are my favourite free trials available on Amazon!

30-day Free Trial on Kindle Unlimited

My Kindle is hands down my favourite possession, especially when I travel. Ever since that sad, sad day when I had to leave 3 books in Mexico due to limited suitcase space, I vowed to never put myself in that position again (traumatic, I know). So, I bought myself a Kindle and I have never looked back!

Of course, you don’t need to buy a Kindle to use the free Kindle Unlimited Trial. You can read books using the free Kindle app on your phone or tablet (and even on desktop)! That’s one of the reasons I love Kindle Unlimited so much, as I always have access to my books, and can pick up where I left off! Simply click the banner below to sign up for your free trial, or click here!

30-day Free Audible Trial + TWO FREE Audiobooks!

This is another one of my favourite Amazon programs, as I listen to Audible a lot when I travel. Whether I’m on a plane, or just standing in line to check in at the airport (and it’s inconvenient to pull out my Kindle to read), I’ll pop my headphones in and listen to an audiobook. What’s extra cool is that Audible is the audiobook service with the biggest library of audiobooks in the world!

With the 30-day trial of Audible, you also get 2 free audiobooks which is absolutely amazing. Another great aspect that I love about Audible is that if you are unhappy with a book for any reason (for example if you don’t like the voice of the reader, which has happened to me a couple of times), you can simply return it. No questions asked! Click here or the banner below to sign up for your free trial!

30-day Free Amazon Music Unlimited Trial

If you prefer listening to music while you travel, this might be the deal for you. Amazon Music Unlimited works just like other music streaming services, and they have tens of millions of songs available for users. I also love how it’s available for both Prime and non-Prime members. After your trial, it’s only $9.99 a month, which is cheaper than most other services too (meaning you can spend more money on travel). Also, the offline option is a life saver on long flights.

Simply click here to sign up for your free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited, or click the banner below!

Don’t miss Prime Day 2019!

Now that you’ve seen some of my favourite Prime Day deals for travellers, don’t assume that will be all! Seriously, Amazon will be adding new offers as Prime Day gets closer, and most of the deals on the days (don’t forget; the 15th and 16th of July) won’t be made available until Prime Day starts! So, make sure to check back on the Prime Day page once it starts!

I’ll try my best to update this post on Prime Day itself, to share my favourite travel deals, but my advice is to also spend some time finding your own favourites. Simply visit the Prime Day page here (and don’t forget to sign up for your free Amazon Prime trial here)!


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