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Mount Tamborine Skywalk

by Lisa Stentvedt

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During our time in Australia we got to experience lots of fun adventures in between lounging by the pool and creating new cocktails. We spent a few hours in a Trampoline Park, which was exhausting and loads of fun, we took surfing lessons with Cheyne Horan School of Surf, which was so much harder than I initially thought, and one day the entire family got in the cars to head up to Tambourine Mountain.

Another great thing do to in Mount Tamborine is visiting Cedar Creek Falls!

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mount tamborine, gold coast

The mountain is popular amongst travelers, and offers loads of walks and hikes through the rainforest covering it. We decided to take it up a notch (literally), and headed for a Sky Walk in the tree tops!

The Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk consists of trails built along the tree tops of the rainforest, and gives you amazing views to take in. Ideally, we were looking for a koala bear, but were not lucky enough to see one. We did, however, see lots of birds, butterflies and geckos and heard the sounds of the wildlife inhabiting the forest. We also had a great time balancing along the trail and trying not to look down.

The walk costs 20 AUD for adults and around 17 for students (score!). Children are half price and those under 5 are free. Not too pricey at all for something that keeps you moving in addition to being fun! We did this after 3 days of eating and not leaving the house (Christmas, duh), and it was welcomed by all!

If you’re in the Gold Coast area and on the lookout for something fun to do that doesn’t involve the beach, head towards the hinterland! In addition to the SkyWalk, Mount Tamborine has lots of cute cafés, shops and art shops along its “Gallery Walk”.

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