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Lake Mead, Nevada

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Waking up in a hotel bed is officially the best feeling in the world. Surely there is a list somewhere to prove that? If not, I’ll make one.

Our first morning in Vegas we woke up to an early alarm, grabbed our swimwear and sunglasses and headed outside to wait for Steve and his perfect car (a Silverado – car porn for a country music junkie like myself). We drove past the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign, all the tourists taking selfies with it, took off from the Strip and headed straight into the Nevada desert.


On our way to Lake Mead (which is apparently North Americas largest man-made lake or something, made by the Hoover Dam) we picked up the boat and dropped by the grocery store to get what we needed for mimosas and a barbeque. Ah, the finer things in life. When we got to the lake we put the boat on the water as smoothly as humanly possible (especially compared to the family struggling with theirs next to us) and set sail! Or whatever it is you do on a motorboat.

20140624-163720.jpgI understand that it seems like the guys were doing all the work here, but at this moment Kristoffer had managed to lock me in the truck.. Not that I was complaining.

As soon as the boat was on the lake we shot off to see the Hoover Dam, which I have seen in a James Bond movie and thus naturally knew all about. It actually helps provide water for all of Las Vegas (bonus fun fact for you). After taking some mandatory photos from the back of the boat we headed towards an adorable little cove called Swallow Cove. No joke.


In Swallow Cove we got our red solo cups (I hope I’m not the only one who has to sing those words every single time I say them?) and our floating vests out, made mimosas and jumped in the lake! It was as perfect as can be, and it wasn’t made worse by the fact that my country playlist was coming out of the speakers on the boat (maybe I’ll share it with you one day). After floating around for a while we got the grill warmed up and made hamburgers, without ever leaving the water. Can you think of a better way to spend a day in the scorching Vegas heat?





It is safe to say that our first day in Vegas was a success, and a day I’ll never forget. It makes such a huge difference when you know a local and are able to leave the beaten path and do something out of the ordinary for a day or two. Going swimming in a lake was the last thing I figured I’d be doing in Las Vegas!

Have you been to Lake Mead or gone off the beaten path on a holiday?

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