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How to Keep Up with Life at Home When You’re Traveling

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Are you on the go and away from home every other week? It’s natural for chores and life to slip by the wayside. Lists are always full, and when you’re busy checking tasks off, you forget to check in at home with friends, family, pets and yourself.

Don’t get uprooted from your home life. Stay connected and caught up with all that you’ve got happening.

Keeping Up with Your Household Duties

Who’s watering your plants? How long has the milk been in the fridge? Don’t fret if your mailbox resembles an overstuffed burrito and the dust bunnies are coming to life.

Ditch the lists, and conquer your household chores one room at a time, or at least one drawer at a time. One of the best things you can do is get a container or trash bag, and collect the surface clutter. Trash, recycle, compost, gift, upcycle and donate what you don’t need.

Focus on creating a cleaning method that works around your chaotic schedule. You may need to have a friend come over to housesit, or you need to hire a part-time housekeeper. Better yet, do a little every day, in the morning and evening. Give everything a place so you only have to wipe surfaces and dispose of the trash—maintaining basics.

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Keeping Up with Your Household Decor

The seasons may be changing, but it’s still spring in your house when the leaves are turning. Keeping up with shifting seasons and decorating trends is nearly impossible when you’re on the go.

Neutral color palettes, even lighting and clean lines are safe bets when it comes to household decoration. It’s also potentially boring. Choose decorations and furniture that you can move from room to room as your mood and the season changes. Pieces of furniture with multiple functions may be used in multiple spaces.

Remember to choose decorations and furniture that match your personal style. You should feel comfortable at home, and that beats home decor trends any day!

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Keeping Up with Your Family and Friends

Call loved ones between flights or while you’re doing a low-maintenance errand that doesn’t require much thinking. If Auntie Em loves to gossip, let her ramble, talk where necessary, and you’ll have an excuse to say goodbye. In the middle of a busy day, an impromptu call with a friend lightens the stress load with a good laugh.

Now may be the time to video conference family and friends when you’ll be gone for days a time. Hang out on video chat while watching a show or working on a project with like-minded loved ones who’ll let you relax or focus, depending on what’s going on. Sometimes it’s good to just have company, especially when they can’t see the clothes all over the bathroom floor.

Staying updated on social media lets you witness the daily life of your loved ones, but nothing replaces physically seeing someone. Set aside a day every month or a weekend outside the holidays to go see your family and friends. Life is too short. Even a coffee break is meaningful to someone who is missing you.

Also, let’s not forget to send postcards! Handwrite messages to family and friends about what’s happening in the moment and mail them.

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Keeping Up with Your Pet

Just do it—be the person who FaceTimes with their pet. Separation anxiety is real for them, too.

You’ve already got the automatic pet feeders and a variety of toys for your pets’ amusement. You’re the only missing element. Encourage pet sitters to send you updates, but also consider changing advances in pet technology. Security systems that watch the outside of your home can also help you check in with your pets and monitor their needs with mobile apps and webcams.

Keep pictures of your pets with you, and give them an old blanket or shirt of yours for comfort when you’re gone.


Keeping Up with Yourself

In the middle of keeping up with to-do lists, your house, pets, family and friends, you’re the last person on your list to receive any attention. Seriously, how are you feeling right now? Check in with yourself, and listen. Ask “What’s wrong?” and “What’s right?” Act on your need for self-care.

Life passes by even faster when you’re not checking with yourself and reflecting on your day. Be mindful and observant of your surroundings. Forgive, laugh and let go of what can’t be controlled.

Keep a journal. You’ll get negativity out of your head and heart. Record the little moments. Note your morning run and breakfast.

Make the first thing you do every morning and the last thing you do every night something for yourself alone.

Keeping up with your sanity is the hardest thing to do in the middle of the endless obligations you’re tasked with in relationships, work and life. Maintaining a home and everything that goes in and with it makes you feel like Atlas shouldering the world.

The point is that you have the world. Life slows down when you appreciate the present and acknowledge that you’re doing your best. Send postcards. Video chat with your pet. See a friend for coffee between meetings. Hug your mom after a surprise visit. Strong roots are important to keep.

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