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How to use ConvertKit for Travel Bloggers

by Lisa Stentvedt
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I have wanted to write this post for a while. Actually, ever since I first started using ConvertKit as a blogger, because it has been such a lifesaver (and quite life-changing, to be honest). I have been using ConvertKit to send emails for almost 3 years now, and it has really changed my email marketing game as a blogger (not that I had much game to begin with). A lot of bloggers I talk to ask me how it works so well, and why they should be using it (and how to use it as a travel blogger, specifically), so I thought I would share a few of my favourite ways of using ConvertKit as a travel blogger!

Let’s start with some basics, covering what ConvertKit is and why it works for bloggers. Then, I’ll share some info on how I use ConvertKit as a travel blogger, and then give a few tips and tricks as to how you can get started and make the most of your list building (including how you can use it to make your first dollar online!).

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What is ConvertKit and why does it work for bloggers?

In short, ConvertKit is an email marketing service. What this means is that with ConvertKit, you can build an email list (as in, a list of people’s names and their emails), and reach out to that email list via email. That’s the short version of it.

The longer version of it is that emails lists serve as a great way to reach your audience, simply because only people who are genuinely interested in your content will sign up, and that after that, you’ll be able to reach them straight to their inbox. With algorithms and updates and whatnot affecting our social media reach, it’s good to know that there is still a possibility for bloggers to speak to their audience directly (or, as directly as possible).

Side note: make sure you are compliant with the European GDPR regulations. Here’s my guide to how it affects us as bloggers.

So, to sum up; once you get started with an email list, you’ll be able to collect the email addresses of your audience (whether they come from your blog, Instagram or Pinterest), and from then you can email them whenever you have something to share! Whether that’s a new packing guide, your latest travel gadget finds, or a deal on cheap flights – you’ll be able to land right in your readers’ inbox!

If you’re ready to get started now, head this way for a ConvertKit free trial!

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4 ways I use ConvertKit Email as a travel blogger

Now, let’s get down to the reason I wrote this blog post. I am sure you already know that building an email list is important (a lot of bloggers say their #1 mistake was not starting with it sooner), and you might even have looked into some options. Or, you may already be using some free options, such as MailChimp (let me tell you now; ConvertKit is so much better). I started out using MailChimp, but it wasn’t until I switched it out for ConvertKit that I started seeing results.

Side note: ConvertKit has launched a free plan, so those of you thinking of going the same route as me (starting with Mailchimp or some other free email marketing offer) no longer have to make that horrid switch once they start getting subscribers! Head this way to get started on ConvertKit’s free plan!

I have jotted down all the ways I maximise my efforts (and earnings) using email marketing, and so below are 5 ways to use ConvertKit for travel bloggers!

#1 Keeping in touch with my readers

This one may be a little obvious, but I use ConvertKit simply to stay in touch with my audience. I send out a monthly email with a roundup of blog posts from the previous month, my latest travel finds (such as gadgets, backpacks or deals), and to give them a bit of an update on my life. It’s quite similar to my monthly blogging updates (read the latest here), but a bit more personal. Why? Because I’m in their inbox!

Here’s an example of what my monthly update posts look like. You can get as creative as you want with your emails, but I like to keep them pretty simple. In addition to the monthly email I send out, I’ll reach out to my followers if I come across anything worth sharing, such as deals on flights, or a free ConvertKit trial.

convertkit email sample

#2 Drive traffic

A genius way for bloggers (in all niches) to use ConvertKit is one that I think is really overlooked. You see, ConvertKit has a function where you can create sequences of emails, which are basically several emails that are automatically sent to your subscribers after a certain amount of time. These are mostly used for sales funnels and by bloggers who are promoting courses or digital products they sell, but I find that a lot of bloggers miss out on the potential to drive traffic using ConvertKit sequences.

Basically, I use sequences once I have figured out what a reader is interested in, in order to drive traffic back to the blog. For example, if someone subscribes to my email list because they want advice on how to plan a trip to Norway, they’ll be getting 6-7 automated emails from me over the next few weeks, all with links to helpful articles I have written about Norway!

This helps my readers find all the content that may be interesting for them, and it also helps me get more return traffic to my blog!

#3 Providing Value

As bloggers, we are always looking to provide our audiences with more value. Whether it’s through extensive (travel) guides, courses or step-by-step articles on any given topic, we always aim to be as helpful as possible.

With ConvertKit, this is easier than ever, and I use their freebie send out feature to automatically send blog post upgrades and freebies, straight to my followers’ inbox! This is also a great way to get new subscribers to your email list, by asking for their email address in exchange of a PDF download (like a packing list or an itinerary).

In addition to sending out freebies with ConvertKit, I have also created some mini-courses using their sequence feature (as mentioned above). Currently, I have an 8-day blogging course and a 5-day Instagram course, where I share what I know in one simple email a day! I’ve created simple sign-up forms for both, and embed them into my blog posts, whenever appropriate. Here’s an example of what that looks like:

FREE Blogging Course!

Mockdrop macbook air

Join the FREE 8 Day eCourse covering everything you need to start a (travel) blog.

No spam, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Powered by ConvertKit

#4 Monetising

Ah, the holy grail of travel blogging (or beauty blogging or lifestyle blogging or you name it). Making money as a blogger is tricky, and it’s not always clear how to go about maximising your efforts (and income). With ConvertKit, it becomes a little easier, as you can use their automation feature to automatically send out emails, add people to lists and segments, and really make sure you send your readers the right offers at the right time (helping you make some affiliate income while you’re at it). Some ways to increase your monetisation using ConvertKit are:

  • Sending out a link to your Amazon Influencer Page, reminding your readers that you keep all your favourite gadgets and items on there
  • Promoting your latest product, whether that’s an eBook or a course (here’s a free ConvertKit training on sales funnels!)
  • Tagging subscribers who click certain product links, so you can email them at a later point when that product goes on sale

As you can see, the main way of earning money through ConvertKit is through affiliate marketing. Of course, the more subscribers you have, the bigger the potential of earning money with ConvertKit is, so let’s talk about how to get those first 1000 email subscribers, shall we?

As mentioned above; ConvertKit now offers a FREE plan, which is a great way to get started!

Unlock 100 subscribers + broadcasts when you sign up for it here!

List-building 101 (Free ConvertKit training)

This training (with fellow creator Isa Adney, who works with creators earning a full time living online) you’ll be learning what other bloggers are doing to grow their list and how you can too.

In the training, you’ll cover:

  • The 3 things bloggers do to grow their email list + earn $$$ online
  • An actionable list building guide you can start using today
  • A step-by-step tutorial to get your list building system set up in less than a day

There will also be some free stuff given to you at the end of the webinar to help you get your first (or next!) 1000 subscribers (or so I’ve heard).

convertkit tutorials

Earn your first dollar online (another free training!)

Is it clear now that ConvertKit loves bloggers and online creators? They keep pumping out these free trainings for us, and they are so helpful! Basically, this training is all about how to make your first dollar online, so it’s the perfect next step if you’ve already covered the one above (and gotten your first 1000 subscribers), all though this one too covers the basics of getting email subscribers.

In this free workshop you’ll learn:

  • An exact guide to how you can turn what you are passionate about into a business
  • How to create a simple digital product so you can make your first dollar online
  • How to get your first email subscribers so you’ll be ready to launch the product

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up to one of the trainings now, and get started with ConvertKit!

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