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How to Budget for and During Traveling

by Lisa Stentvedt

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Travel planning is the best, but sometimes budgeting for an upcoming adventure can be a bit of a pain in the ass, especially when you’re not sure of how much you will and can spend on a trip. Budgeting for travel is an important part of travel planning, and in this post I hope to leave you with a few budget hacks for your next trip.

We have made it to the penultimate week of the ‘Making the Most of Travel’ Series, and I hope you’ve found it helpful so far! At the bottom of this post you can find links to all the articles in the series, in case you missed any!

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Budgeting for travel budget for travel how to plan a trip on a budget

Budgeting while planning a trip

I’ll start this off with complete transparency; I’m not the best at budgeting for my travels. My ideal trip is one where I don’t have to stick to a budget at all, and simply go with whatever I feel like. Unfortunately, those trips are few and far between.

Most of us will have to plan our adventures according to the current size of our bank account (unless you’re a Kardashian, that it), and hopefully these tips below will help you out!

Do your research

As mentioned in one of the previous articles in this series, research can be key when planning your next trip. This also goes for financial research, which can help you understand how much people usually spend at your chosen destinations.

Articles such as this one are of great help when heading on an adventure, so make sure you spend some time on Pinterest searching ‘YOUR DESTINATION On a Budget’, or ‘How much I spent in DESTINATION’. This will give you a better idea of what to expect.

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Tips for Saving Money when Travel Planning

  • Use one of these websites in your planning process
  • Travel in the off or shoulder season to save money, and to avoid the crowds
  • Make sure you are aware of your luggage allowance, and that you don’t exceed it. The hidden costs for bringing heavy luggage on certain airlines are insane!
  • Be flexible with your travel dates if you can.
  • Make sure your credit card doesn’t have any hidden fees. Usually the cheapes way of getting cash is hitting an ATM at your destination, but some credit cards have insane withdrawal fees, so make sure you check this with your supplier.

Budgeting for travel budget for travel how to plan a trip on a budget

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Budgeting during your trip

Once you have arrived at your destination you’d think all your budgeting issues would be gone, but I am sorry to say that the most important part is now. Finding cheap accommodation through AirBnB and cheap flights through SkyScanner might not be enough, and so budgeting during your trip is just as important as making sure you are saving money during the planning phase.

Setting an allowance

Setting an allowance is often an evil necessity when heading on a trip. Based on your research from above, you should be able to calculate how much you would want to spend for each day of your trip, hotels and flights excluded.

If you manage to spend less than this on the first few days of your trip, you’re in luck. Now you can choose to splurge a little extra for the rest of your trip, or save the money for your next adventure.

Either way, the goal of having an allowance is not to avoid overspending at all costs (I mean, I’m a grown-up, if I want those shoes, I’ll bloody well buy them), but a way to ensure that you have a realistic idea of how much you might spend in total on your trip.

Tips for Saving Money when Traveling

  • Take advantage of the public transport system at your destination – this will save you a lot of money on taxi fares.
  • Even better – walk as much as you can! It’s free sightseeing!
  • Once you arrive at your destination, drop by a local grocery store to get some quick snacks to carry in your purse for when hunger strikes. This will save you money on all those little meals you end up purchasing while you’re hungry.
  • When it is time to sit down for dinner; head away from the touristy areas. Prices are often hiked near popular attractions and sights.
  • Visit museums on their free days (many museums across the world practice these)
  • Buy a CityPass in advance, which can save you up to 50% on attraction tickets!

Budgeting for travel budget for travel how to plan a trip on a budget

I hope you have found a few travel budgeting tips that will be helpful on your next trip! If you have any travel hacks yourself, please share them in the comments below!

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Eliza 25/04/2017 - 01:34

These are awesome tips! I always set an allowance when I travel too. It helps me not get too crazy, although I completely agree with your shoe comment. I mean, it is vacation after all! Sometimes you have to treat yourself!

Lisa // Fjords & Beaches 25/04/2017 - 06:09

I’m glad I’m not the only one! Setting an allowance is a great way of keeping track! 🙂

Teesh Osita 02/05/2017 - 09:07

I’m not a budget traveler (mostly because I LOVE to eat and all budgeting goes out of the window when I see food), and more in the mid-range. I don’t really give myself an allowance, but I research on fees well and then buffer up my pocket money (but not exchange them in the currency). I also like to research on free walking tours of the places where I’ll go and communicate with them via email. It’s a good way to avoid expensive tour packages, meet locals who just want to show tourists around/practice their English, and gain friends because it’s more personalized. 🙂

Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

Lisa // Fjords & Beaches 27/07/2017 - 08:18

I’m exactly the same! I wouldn’t consider myself a budget traveler, but it’s still nice to save some money during the booking period so I can treat myself a little more while on the trip 🙂


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