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3 bucket list-worthy accommodations to check out after the pandemic

by Lisa Stentvedt
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Travel has changed a lot since the beginning of the year. A recent report has shown that about half of the world’s most popular tourist cities (listed here) and many countries around the world have eased the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, but there are still many that keep their borders closed to prevent the resurgence of the disease. Norway, for example, have quarantine requirements put in place for anyone arriving from countries where the Covid-rate is higher than a certain number. For up to date information about travelling to Norway, head this way.

But life doesn’t stop because of the pandemic – we could say it is merely suspendedfor the time being. The time when we’ll once again be free to fly wherever we want is getting closer with every day (as long as we keep listening to government advice and recommendations) – so why not start planning for your next great getaway? I know not being able to travel is awful (trust me), but hopefully dreaming about epic hotels will help. Personally, I am able to save more money for later travel due to not going anywhere these days, and I know I’ll be splurging a little once travel is safe again!

3 Bucket List Accommodations for after the pandemic

So, if you like me are setting aside time and money for later adventures, I wanted to share a few unique finds where you can stay once travel is available again. Keep reading to get your fix of unique places to stay – and add them to your bucket list for when we can travel like normal again!

Rental Mountain YAMA, Nichinan City, Japan

Who wouldn’t want to spend a few days or weeks in a wooden cabin in the mountains, away from the crowds and noise of a big city? Then how about having the whole mountain for yourself? This is exactly what Rental Mountain YAMA offers its visitors.

Located in Nichinan City in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture, the facility offers accommodation to groups of up to 10 people in a rustic cabin equipped with all the modern-day amenities one could think of. What makes it special is that it only accommodates one group per day – for the entire mountain area. Guests can cook outdoors, relax in hammocks on the porch, soak in a Japanese-style outdoors hot tub, and relax without being disturbed by anyone.

The details and the rates for the cabin are listed here.

Rental Mountain YAMA, Nichinan City, Japan

The Neptune Suite, Hotel Atlantis Sanya, China

“Sleeping with the fishes” gets a whole new meaning at Hotel Atlantis Sanya. The Neptune Underwater Suite has floor-to-ceiling windows looking at the Ambassador Lagoon – or rather into it. Guests at the suite can admire the more than 80,000 marina animals that inhabit the lagoon and literally sleep surrounded by fishes. The suite also comes with an upper level with a generous balcony and a stylish lounge. The bathroom and the bedroom are, in turn, underwater.

All this for just around $8600 per night.

the neptune suite, atlantis

Here are a few activities in Sanya you may enjoy:

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namibia

If a lush, green mountainside or the deep blue sea is not your idea of breaking free from the crowded urban environment, how about a desert? Vast, open spaces surrounded by oceans of dunes, and no human settlements in sight – just the sand and the stars. This is exactly what you’ll find at the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge in Namibia.

The resort has several suites that can be booked individually or for families that come with amenities like a vintage wine cellar, a wellness centre and a resident astronomer complete with a modern observatory to make good use of the clear, starry nights of the area. The beds are strategically placed under retractable skylights built with stargazing in mind.

The four-person family suite comes with all of the above with optional scenic helicopter flights and hot air ballooning for about $2500 per night.

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, Namibia

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