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Black and white bedroom makeover with Desenio (+ discount code!)

by Lisa Stentvedt
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If you’ve been following along on my Instagram (or here on the blog) for the past 6 months or so, you’ll know that I bought and moved into my first apartment in September. In this post, I’m gonna share the details of my recent black and white bedroom makeover! In this post, I’m gonna share the details of my recent black and white bedroom makeover!

When buying my apartment, I decided to move to Bergen, Norway, as it really is the perfect gateway to the fjords. Here, I am close to the airport, so I can easily head out on new adventures, yet I am only a 3-hour drive away from Aurland and the Sognefjord where I grew up. In this post, I’m gonna share the details of my recent black and white bedroom makeover!

Head this way to get all the info on how to get from Bergen to Flam (the Sognefjord/Nærøyfjord area).

In the autumn, I spent a lot of time decorating my apartment, and making sure I had everything I need. I also wrote this First Home Essentials Checklist, where I included everything you need when moving into your first home (and what you need to know about the whole process of buying your first home).

I was lucky enough to get to work with some great brands when decorating my living room, such as Desenio, who sells beautiful posters and frames. Through this collaboration, I got to really add some tropical vibes to my living room, and you can head this way to see the result!

Want more home decor inspiration? Here is an extensive list of travel themed home decor to add some wanderlust to your home! I have also written a guide to how I find interior decorating styles and inspiration when I travel.

My black and white bedroom makeover

Now, I am extremely excited to get to work with Desenio again, this time in order to give my bedroom a proper makeover! I’d been taking my sweet time to get this room ready, as kept going back and forth on how I wanted it. So, I kept it like you see in the photo below, and as you can tell, it wasn’t very inviting (all though I do love my Audrey artwork, which is now hanging on the opposite wall).

black and white bedroom makeover with desenio
BEFORE my black and white bedroom makeover

In order to spice up my bedroom and make it a lot more of a ‘haven’ than before, I ordered myself a new bed head and night stands to match. As my living room is very tropical and colourful, I wanted a much calmer vibe in my bedroom.

I then proceeded to the Desenio website to check out their photo wall tool, where you can build and preview what your photos will look like on a wall similar to yours! Trust me when I say that I spend quite some time in order to get it just right. As you can see from the ‘after’ photo below, I went for quite the classic black/white look, which was made super easy since Desenio lets you sort their photos according to style (head this way for all of their black/white posters).

Interested in a 25% Desenio discount code? Keep scrolling!

Black and white bedroom decor with desenio, after
AFTER my black and white bedroom makeover with Desenio

25% Desenio Discount Cote

I am so excited to get to share a 25% discount code with you all, so you can get your posters from Desenio too! The code is valid from the 19th to the 21st of March 2019, and will give you 25% off your posters at checkout (not valid on handpicked/collaboration posters, or frames). How does it work, you ask?

Head to Desenio, pick out your posters and enter the code FJORDSANDBEACHES at checkout, and your 25% discount will be automatically added!

As mentioned, the discount code is valid until the 21st of March 2019. Do tag me in your stories when you get your posters! I’d love to see your picks!

Black and white bedroom makeover: Before and after

Ready to see my before and after side-by-side? Well, here you are! Quite the dramatic difference, don’t you think? The ‘only’ things that have changed is that I added a dark grey bed head, black marble nightstands (I’m obsessed with black marble and have the same table in my living room), and of course, the posters and frames from Desenio. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

For those wondering, you can find a similar bed head here (less than $110), here (less than $200), here (less than $400) and here (less than $600), and similar nightstands here (less than $70), here (less than $100) and here (less than $250).

So there you have my black and white bedroom makeover with Desenio. My bedroom couldn’t feel cozier, and I am so happy with the results!


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