When to visit Boracay

I’ve read lots and lots of blogs and articles about Boracay. I’ve read how it’s the most beautiful island on the planet, but I’ve also seen it called the worst tourist trap of all times. Before visiting, I was extremely excited. I knew it could look like a real paradise on earth, but I had also seen the warning signs regarding the packed beaches and stray animals. I knew Boracay would be an adventure, either way.

When to visit Boracay

Our experience with visiting Boracay was a positive one. The beach was absolutely stunning, and looked like it was taken straight out of my Instagram feed (not my feed per se, more like my follow feed). We stayed in Station 3, at the Villa Caemilla Boutique Hotel, and it quickly became clear that this was the quiet end of the beach.


White Beach, Boracay has been named the #1 beach in Asia by TripAdvisor. It wasn’t hard to see why, as it was the most beautiful beach I’ve ever stepped my bare feet on. We did a lot of ooh-ing and aah-ing while checking in to the hotel, and couldn’t wait to walk along the water to check out the other areas of the beach.

White Beach is split between three ‘stations’, conveniently named Station 1, Station 2 and Station 3. Do not ask me why, because I have no idea.

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Top Tip: Do your research before visiting and pick your station wisely. Station 3 seemed to be the quietest when I browsed for hotels, and ended up being exactly what we needed. I also found that Station 1 was the prettiest, but also the party central of Boracay, and I read online that Station 2 is usually the most crowded (which is not unnatural as it’s the middle of the beach).


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Like I mentioned above, I had read so many articles on the crowds and amount of tourists everywhere. This one, by Anna Everywhere, is a great example (and an excellent review of why Boracay is a tourist trap). If you are put off by that, she names some other great islands you could visit instead.

I was prepared for some insane crowds once we got to the island, and ended up being positively surprised instead. It turned out, visiting in January was quite clever, as it is not the high season of the island, or amongst other tourists. We arrived in the middle of January, which meant the school holidays were over for many.



Top Tip: If you can travel off-season – do it! Nobody likes fighting with other travelers for the best photo-op, or waiting more than 10 minutes for a table at a restaurant. I should note here that peak season is considered to be from November to May, all though it did not seem that way to us. Make sure to do some research around school holidays before you go!

We literally had 48 hours to spend in Boracay, mainly because it needed to be crossed off the bucket list during our three day stopover in the Philippines. Hearing that one of the most beautiful beaches in the world was within reach was an opportunity not to be missed. We spent our days lounging on the beach, paddle boarding, drinking Mai Tais and losing sunglasses (while paddle boarding). I am so glad to have been there, and would advise anyone asking to jump on a plane as well! Just make sure you are prepared for the possibility of crowds, as this is a paradise everyone else knows about too.


 If you want to read about another paradise on earth, that the world doesn’t know about yet, head this way!


Have you been to Boracay or the Philippines? What was your (honest) opinion? Do you have another paradise in mind?

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  • We went to Boracay a couple of years ago, stayed for 5 nights as part of our 2 weeks Philippines trip and loved it. We were fairly last minute with booking our holiday, didn’t know much about Boracay or the Philippines for that matter, but weren’t too put off by the number of tourists!

    • Ah, I would have loved to spend a couple of weeks in the Philippines! 🙂 I’m glad it didn’t affect your holiday! 🙂

  • Michelle Anne de Guzman

    I have often heard of the beauty of Boracay. I have not had the pleasure of visiting as of yet. My husband and I have talked of visiting the Phillines many times and now I have an even better reason to do so. Sounds like Station 3 is the place for me. thanks for the tip on that and the off season travel advice.

    • It really was so beautiful! 🙂 You’re very welcome! When you do visit, you’ll enjoy Station 3 – and it’s so easy to walk along the beach to visit the others!

  • Gwen Mulholland

    Boracay is absolutely beautiful and someday I would love to visit. Even though you only had 48 hours, it looks like you truly took advantage of all the time you had there. Station 3 looks like the best place to relax since it is not so busy.

    • It truly was, and we loved every second of our 48 hours 🙂

  • Rasa Virviciute

    This place looks fantastic! xo


    • It really was! I can’t wait to og back one day 🙂

  • Thank you so much for all of the tips on this! I was trying to figure out what Station was the best for my possible upcoming trip and you laid it all out perfectly! Thank you so much 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Jess! I’m so glad you found it helpful! 🙂 Doing research is definitely important!

  • Wow this looks SO gorgeous! Need to add it to my travel wish list!

    • It really was, I was so happy on that beach with a Mai Tai in hand, haha! 🙂

  • I have never been to either place. My friend used to live in the Philippines, so she shares exciting things with me. I doubt I’ll ever make it there, so I’m glad to have her stories (and yours).

    • You never know, Tami! 🙂 But I love listening to people’s travel stories and adventures too, and pretend I was there! 🙂

  • I’ve never been here but it looks SO SO gorgeous! I have a serious case of beach envy! Its time to start planning our next beach vacation and I’m going to add this one to my travel bucket list!

    • I know the feeling, I ALWAYS have beach envy! Boracay is perfect for it, too 🙂

  • Great post Lisa! 😀 I’m from the Philippines and I’m happy to hear that you had a great time there. Off peak season is really the best time to come since you’ll avoid the crowd 😀 Come back again! Have you explored Palawan? That place is also great!

    • You’re lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful country, Aileen! I will definitely be back, as I didn’t see enough of it! I didn’t go to Palawan, but I’ve heard great things about it! Would love to go! 🙂

  • travelquest

    I left my heart when I stayed in Boracay, and since then I miss my homeland Philippines. I totally agree with you Boracay is paradise you can’t compare its beauty to other beaches in Asia. Have you tried island hopping and the 250 kilos helmet diving? it was fun.

    • I know how you must feel, it was so beautiful there – and I struggle explaining it to my friends! I didn’t try that, but it sounds very intriguing! Can you do that in Boracay? 🙂

  • OMgoodness Lisa!! This looks like one of those dream must see destinations. I have so many added to my list now and it looks like I am going to be adding Boracay right to the top!

    • It really was, such a paradise! 🙂 Haha, that sounds like the story of my life, the list just keeps growing!

  • That is just spectacular! I am full of envy right now! 🙂 What a beautiful experience you must have had.

    • It was so beautiful, and I can’t wait to og back one day! 🙂

  • In the 90s my friends and I would travel to Boracay often…I feel this was the time it was really a heavenly place. I went back there a couple of years ago and I was a bit dismayed on how touristy, over populated, and even polluted it got. But the consolation is seeing your photographs it appears that the beach is still beautiful.

    • Wow, I can only imagine what it looked like 25 years ago! You are right that it has been heavily commercialised – all though it’s still one of the most beautiful islands I’ve seen! I would’ve loved to visit before that!

  • Princess Kaiulani

    I love Boracay! I haven’t been there in years. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a visit soon 🙂 I’m so glad you had an awesome experience!!


    • I really did! I’m glad you love it too, it was so beautiful! 🙂