The ULTIMATE list of packing resources

I’m a terrible packer. Horrible. Which is why I’m constantly browsing the web, searching for better ways to do it, ready-made check lists and hacks to make the whole process easier. This is also why you’ll NEVER come to and find advice on how to pack your carry-on, what to pack for Greece and so on. The closest I’ll ever come is linking to this video, which is literally me in a nutshell.

Ultimate list of packing resources

But, as I am hosting a $140 Laptop BackPack giveaway over on Facebook this week (edit: CLOSED), I decided to do some research on how to become a better packer. I’ve come across an insane amount of helpful posts, tips and tricks, and have decided to share them all in this ultimate list of resources!


I hope you’ll find some of these helpful, because I know I have!

Carry-On Packing

7 of the best carry-on bags reviewed

How to Pack Carry-On Only in the Winter

Packing Essentials – Hand-luggage only challenge

Packing More Than a Weekend in a Weekender

Fit 30 Outfits in Your Carry-On: The Tools & Techniques You Need to Fit It All

Pack your carry-on like a pro: What to pack & What to leave at home

Complete packing list for carry-on travel

How To Pack A Carry-On

Packing for a week away with just a carry-on

How to pack a carry-on like a pro

Packing in a carry-on only for a week away with kids

How to Pack for a week in a carry-on

Hand-Luggage Essentials for Long-Haul Travel


Destination-Specific Packing

13 Essentials You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack For a Music Festival

Packing for an Icelandic winter

Machu Picchu Trek Packing Guide

Road Trip Packing List

How to prepare and what to pack for the Acatenango Volcano Hike

Winter Travel Packing List

Packing List for Hot Weather Travel


Packing essentials

The Complete Travel Packing List for Women

Backpacking Essentials: Don’t Forget To Pack These 9 Things

Gallivanting Bean’s Top 10 Travel Essentials

What NOT to Pack: 9 Things to Leave Behind on Your Next Trip

Travel Must Packs!

How to pick up and move like a pro!


Become a better packer

Last Minute Packing Guide for Spontaneous Travelers

How to Stay organized on the road

How to pack for a year abroad

How to pack for a year long trip

Top Ten Study Abroad Packing List

The Ultimate College Packing List

Packing Tips to Maximise your Travel Fun

Round the World Packing List

How to Pack like a travel Pro!

The Art of Traveling Light


I hope you have found some of these helpful! I’m always looking for ways to become a better packer and improve my skills on the area, so not I encourage you to leave some of your best packing tips in the comments below!

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  • Thanks for sharing! I get so paranoid when I pack that I’m going to forget something. I have so many lists but I still get anxiety about it haha!

    • I’m exactly the same, Becky! That’s why I find these links so helpful! 🙂