Travel Blogger Favourites – Autumn Destinations

Autumn is my favourite season. I absolutely love it when the leaves turn, when the trees get naked, when it gets colder and darker outside, and when the weather gets bipolar. The best feeling in the world is staying inside when the wind is howling and the rain is pounding on the window.

Autumn is also a great time for traveling. I personally feel like city travel is best during this time, as there is something special about a metropolis when the weather gets more brutal. I headed to Vilnius, Lithuania last week and it was definitely somewhere I would go again. I would also tip any fellow travelers to visit during autumn, as the city was incredibly beautiful in September.

Autumn in Vilnius, Lithuania

These thoughts gave me an(other great) idea, and decided to ask some fellow travel bloggers about their perfect autumn destination. Check out their thoughts below, and don’t forget to visit their blogs!

Please accept the inconsistency in the term autumn/fall. We can’t all be European, har har..


Yosemite National Park, California, USA

By Vishpala over at Speaking Lens.

Fall is the best season to visit Yosemite because that’s when the valley starts getting colder after the scorching hot summers. Tioga Pass Road is still open (until late November), so you can enjoy the valley as well as the higher parts of Yosemite. The light in fall is absolutely magical, almost as if it’s tender and golden in a way. It is a great place to visit during the fall, and one I would definitely recommend!

Photo from Speaking Lens

Photo from Speaking Lens

Check out Vishpala’s blog post about the area here, and don’t forget to visit the Speaking Lens on Facebook.

Marlborough Wine Region, New Zealand

By Luke over at Anti Travel Guides.

New Zealand is an incredible place to visit during autumn, it seems like almost the entire south island is covered in a blanket of orange, red and yellows all season. Marlborough Wine Region especially is spectacular as this is when the grape vines begin to flower. They put on a real show of innumerable rows of bright yellows, like nothing I’d ever seen before. This photo was taken from the region’s first winery Brancot estate. There are yellow vines as far as the eye can see! In fact, the view was just as good as the cheese platter that accompanied it.

The Brancot Estate Vineyard, photo from Anti Travel Guides

The Brancot Estate Vineyard, photo from Anti Travel Guides

Check out Luke’s post about visiting New Zealand’s South Island, and visit the Anti Travel Guides Facebook page here!


Rome, Italy

By Giulia & Valter over at Tourists by Chance

Rome in Autumn is probably one of the best cities to visit in Europe, if not the world! The sun is shining, the beautiful autumn colours decorate the streets, the light breeze and the pleasant 20-22 degrees during the day. Exploring the city is more comfortable with less crowds, fewer queues and the chance to experience Rome as one of the locals. During the day, it is even warm enough to enjoy a ‘gelato artigianale’ or a ‘birra fresca’ in one of the many ‘Bar’ of the city.

At night, the Eternal City comes to life, as the locals get off work and head to a Bar to meet up with friends in Parioli or Trastevere for an aperitivo, to enjoy the last Prosecco or Aperol Spritz before winter. The piazzas are full of life, the restaurants are serving fresh ‘funghi porcini’ and the many other delicacies in season, and of course the landmarks are all lit up, making them even more impressive than they were during your morning walk.

Autumn is a great time to visit the Eternal City and enjoy all the wonderful events, markets and day-to-day life of the Italian capital.

Rome in autumn

Rome in autumn, photo from Tourists by Chance

Visit the Tourists by Chance blog and make sure to check out their Instagram!


Do you have any favourite spots to visit for autumn? Let me know where!

  • I think Yosemite would be gorgeous in the fall! My husband’s been, but I never have! All of our travel has been in SE Asia, recently, so seasons don’t really affect our travel plans. Where we live it’s either rainy season or more-rainy season. Ha!

    • Haha, that’s a great description of it! I’ve only been to Asia in the Spring, so can’t really answer to it. I’m heading to the Philippines this Winter, but I guess it will be Summer there. Or maybe ‘more-rainy season’? Haha 🙂

  • Abby

    I’d take any of these places! I used to live in New England, and one day I’d love to go back to visit in fall.

    • I’ve seen some pictures, and New England looks absolutely amazing during autumn! Would love to visit! 🙂

  • That Speaking Lens photo is phenomenal! I have never thought to travel to New Zealand or Italy during the fall. Lovely!

    • I know, the photos are gorgeous! I’ve never considered autumn travel at all, really, until recently! Before all I could think about when it got cold was to get my ass somewhere sunny and warm, haha 🙂

  • Great destination picks – I could really do with some recommendations for winter so I can shake the cold and get exploring again! I’m thinking of trying Rome as at least it may be above zero…


    • Rome is absolutely beautiful, I could visit any time of year! I’ve only been during the spring, but I’m confident it’s just as perfect in the Winter 🙂