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I’m so happy to have you here, and to see that you’ve bothered to go as far as to click the ‘Start here!’ button! I have a feeling you’re a clever one, amirite?

My name is Lisa, and I’m the body and brain behind Fjords & Beaches. I’ll give you a low-down of what we are all about here. If you wish to learn more about myself, you can go ahead and visit my about section here.

Fjords & Beaches was previously known as LisaLDN, a name that came about after I moved to London to study law in 2010. Years later, it was time for a rebranding, and Fjords & Beaches officially went live January 1st 2017 – taking the best of with it!

Fjords & Beaches is a travel blog dedicated to those who won’t stop exploring. It is intended to be a serious resource for the curious-minded wanderlusters out there, so if you’re looking for travel tips and inspiration – you’ve come to the right place! The tagline ’Stay young, keep moving’ points out the blog’s emphasis on never tiring of life and staying young at any age – through constant exploring of the beautiful planet we live on! You are never too old to travel and to explore the world, whether your preferred method is relaxing on a cruise ship, drinking beer on a beach or zip lining through a rainforest.

The categories up top are there to help you navigate the site, and you’ll find that all posts and articles are divided by destinations and topics (such as activities or travel tips). I am all about fun, young travel (you’ll notice a theme soon), and you’ll find diving, sailing and hiking, but also posts on budget travel and luxury travel up there.

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