Hike to Prest Mountain Top

I know, I know. I need to chill with the hiking posts. It’s just that summer in Norway is perfect for it, and since I don’t actually consider myself a hiker (i.e. someone naturally outdoorsy), I feel an urge to tell the world whenever I actually go on one. Also, the view from Prest (aka Prestevarden aka Prest mountain top) is one of the best in the area, so it is impossible not to share these photos. Prest is actually a higher mountain top than Hovdungo, and in my opinion has a way better view.

Norway has many beautiful hikes. This is the most beautiful hike in Norway.

In order to access the path to Prest, you will drive approximately 10 kilometres of what is known as the Snow Road. The road connects Aurland to the neighbouring village Lærdal, and is covered in snow most of the year, hence the name. It is part of Norway’s National Tourist Routes and has a lot of traffic in the very few months it is open. Also on this route you will find the Stegastein viewpoint, but more on that later.

The mountain top is 1478 moh, giving you a panoramic view of the entire Aurlandsfjord and making it the perfect place to impress that guy  take a selfie bring your friends . So after a chill morning, Ida and I put our workout clothes on and got in the car. The weather was quite bipolar on the day of our journey, but it didn’t stop us. We ended up seeing both fog and the sun (but no rain!) during the hike, and both had to be captured of course.


Hike Prest Norway girl fog photo

On the other site of the valley (right underneath the sun) you can see Hovdungo!

Hike to Prest girl taking photo

The view on your way up just gets better and better as you go, and it is extremely hard not to stop every 50 metres to take more photos. In spite of trying to resist, we ended up convincing ourselves to start a mini photo shoot when we were almost at the top, mainly because we found some other hikers to take our photo.


Almost at the top!

Almost at the top!

The hike is not that long, and you’ll be back by your car within 3 hours, including breaks. That’s not too bad, right? It’s not as hard (in my humble opinion) as the hike to Hovdungo, but there is definitely a little bit more climbing included in this one!

Fun fact: Prest is not only the name of a mountain, but it is also the Norwegian word for minister or priest. (You can imagine Ida‘s confusion when I told her I wanted to ‘take her to the Priest‘ during her visit.)

Hike prest girl looking at view fjords mountain Norway

When we finally made it to the top we ate our biscuits proudly, before we asked a family of tourists to take some photos of us. In addition to the mandatory ‘we made it!‘ selfie, of course.


Prest girl happy

If you are ever in the Aurland area, the hike to Prest is definitely one I would recommend. The impressions and photos on their own are more than worth it, and in addition to that it does your mind and body great to be above the tree line! Or at least my mum tells me that’s why this particular hike feels so good..

The best little village in the world.

The best little village in the world.

Prest hike Norway

Hike Prest Norway fjord beautiful view

If these pictures haven’t done it for you (aka made you book a flight to Norway and buy hiking shoes), I’ll leave you with a panorama photo from the top. You’re welcome.

hike prest norway panorama panoramic view


Does this look like something you would love too? Do you have any hikes at your doorstep?


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  • Fantastisk tur! <3 <3

  • Amazing! Adding this to my must visit (and do) list right now!

    • The view is definitely a must see, Grace! Thanks for reading 🙂

  • But when you go some where so beautiful there is nothing wrong with posting pictures of hiking! Oh my gosh Norway is soo pretty. I wish I could visit that is a very LONG flight for me to go though. Beautiful shots!

    • Feel free to visit anytime! It is definitely a trip you’d never forget! Thanks for reading, Dina 🙂

  • NiChallenged

    I have been trying to improve my hiking skills … you give me hope… thanks for sharing. It looks so beautiful. <3 <3 <3

    • I’m not a huge fan of hiking myself, to be honest. But when this is the view at the top I don’t mind it! 🙂
      The view is absolutely stunning, and it feels amazing to stand at the top! Thanks for commenting! 🙂