I spent the first week of June with two of my best friends on the island of Zakynthos, Greece. It is located outside the Greek mainland in the Adriatic Sea, and we found it to be a perfect hideaway after finishing our exams and courses. We stayed in the town… View Post

Forest on the Roof started as a pop up called Le Chalet, in London’s Selfridges. When I finally went back to London in December for a week of fancy fun with Amy, we decided to book breakfast at the new restaurant. Find the website of the new permanent restaurant here.… View Post

Waking up in a hotel bed is officially the best feeling in the world. Surely there is a list somewhere to prove that? If not, I’ll make one. Our first morning in Vegas we woke up to an early alarm, grabbed our swimwear and sunglasses and headed outside to wait… View Post

At 17 I moved to the UK as part of the Education First Exchange Program. I had no idea where I would end up, and the time leading up to departure was nerve-wracking. I was finally told that I had been matched with a host family in Tenby, Wales. I… View Post