During our holiday we discovered a gem on the beach. Not a literal gem, but a beach bar that perfectly suited all our needs! We stumbled upon it as we were looking for a few after-dinner drinks one evening, and discovered that they had the strongest WiFi signal we had encountered… View Post

After spending almost a year in the inbareably hot Sunshine State of Florida, it was pretty natural for me to look forward to this winter like a child. Once the snow came, I wished it wouldn’t leave, but unfortunately the snow in Aurland only lasts a few days before it… View Post

Forest on the Roof started as a pop up called Le Chalet, in London’s Selfridges. When I finally went back to London in December for a week of fancy fun with Amy, we decided to book breakfast at the new restaurant. Find the website of the new permanent restaurant here.… View Post

Waking up in a hotel bed is officially the best feeling in the world. Surely there is a list somewhere to prove that? If not, I’ll make one. Our first morning in Vegas we woke up to an early alarm, grabbed our swimwear and sunglasses and headed outside to wait… View Post