As you should may or may not know, I used to work as a Merchandise Hostess in the Norwegian Pavillion in Epcot, Disney World. The Pavillion was styled to resemble different areas in Norway, and the store where I worked was an perfect copy of these old buildings found in… View Post

Going kayaking this summer was such a success, and when Aurora visited me from Oslo last week it was the first thing she requested we do. So I gave Aurland Fjord- og Fjellguiding a call and we were set up with all the equipment we needed for a day on… View Post

// Affiliate links A few days ago something special happened. On the 18th of August, one of my closest friends published his third book! From Screen to Theme is a book series (and a website, check it out!) by Brent Dodge. It helps you find references to your favourite Disney… View Post

The Stegastein viewpoint along the Norwegian ‘Snow Road’ is one of Aurland‘s most visited tourist attractions. The viewing platform itself has won several architectural awards, and has been built to give you the illusion of floating above the fjord. At 650 metres above sea level it provides you with a breathtaking… View Post

I know, I know. I need to chill with the hiking posts. It’s just that summer in Norway is perfect for it, and since I don’t actually consider myself a hiker (i.e. someone naturally outdoorsy), I feel an urge to tell the world whenever I actually go on one. Also,… View Post