The Stegastein viewpoint along the Norwegian ‘Snow Road’ is one of Aurland‘s most visited tourist attractions. The viewing platform itself has won several architectural awards, and has been built to give you the illusion of floating above the fjord. At 650 metres above sea level it provides you with a breathtaking… View Post

I know, I know. I need to chill with the hiking posts. It’s just that summer in Norway is perfect for it, and since I don’t actually consider myself a hiker (i.e. someone naturally outdoorsy), I feel an urge to tell the world whenever I actually go on one. Also,… View Post

Last Wednesday was both mine and Ida’s day off, so we decided to head to Hovdungo. Hovdungo is a ‘støl’, which can be explained a sort of ‘extra’ farm belonging to a main farm, usually quite high up in the mountains. During summertime farmers would – and will – keep… View Post

The week before I went on holiday with my family, Siri texted me at work to ask if we should go kayaking on the fjords once we both had finished for the day. Obviously the answer was yes, in spite of my motoric (and balancing) skills being slim to none.… View Post

During our trip to Greece we signed up to join Apollo‘s trip to Smugglers/Ship Wreck Cove. It is said to be one of the most photographed beaches in Greece, and when we arrived it was obvious why. On the beautiful white beach in between steep cliffs rests the remnants of a… View Post