Kickass Female Instagrammers to Follow for Norwegian Wanderlust

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I rarely bother to go hiking without capturing it. If you don’t, go follow me now! The Norwegian nature is particularly beautiful this time of year, and my feed has slowly been waking up as summer closes in. Stunning hikes, majestic mountains, and breathtaking views are only a few keywords describing my feed these days, thanks to following the right accounts.

Beautiful norwegian photos of norway norway instagram

Since my Norway ‘grams tend to get a lot of attention and feedback, I’ve decided to share a few other kick-ass female accounts sharing the beauty of Norway on Instagram. I know most of these ladies personally, and couldn’t be more excited to tell you to go follow them.

5 Norwegian Instagrammers to Inspire you to Visit Norway



From illegal hikes and beach days in Oahu, to showcasing the amazing waterfalls of Norway, this account will have you ready to put your hiking shoes on in a second! I actually met Bom on my trip to Hawaii last year, and was lucky enough to have her show us around the island during our stay.



Not gonna lie, Amalie is actually my brother’s girlfriend, so excuse me for being a little biased here. In addition to being my go-to for Khloé-braids, she’s a sucker for nature and workouts – making her Instagram the ideal feed to use for planning your next trip to Norway!

This is actually a syndication account for Norwegian ‘hiking girls’, which I personally think is such a genious and inspiring idea for an account. They actually have Norway’s largest female hiking blog as well, so if you have your Google Translate ready you’ll be all set for some proper hiking ideas.



Some of you may know her as my travel partner in crime, but I’m here to introduce you to her Instagram account! She recently moved to Volda in the ‘Sunnmøre Alps’ of Norway, and let me tell you – this area of Norway is BEAUTIFUL (yes, all-caps). I spent a weekend up there last month, and it took my breath away. So make sure to follow here for some serious nature envy.



I have been secretly in love with Ingunn’s Instagram account for ages, and decided it is finally time to leave the closet on this one. Her account is AMAZING, and only equipped with her GoPro and colourful outfits she really showcases the best of Norway in her photos.


Oh, and @FjordsAndBeaches (Hi!).

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  • MoreThanDestination

    Amazing accounts, really worth to follow. Thank you for including them in your post. To be honest, I visited their Instagram pages only after reading your post.

  • Jane

    Wow, I’m so impressed just by the beautiful images in the post! Definitely have a few more accounts to follow now!`

  • Ashfina Charania

    wow these girls are amazing! cant wait to follow their work! thanks for sharing this list

    • So glad you enjoyed the post and found some new Instagram inspiration, Ashfina! Thank you for reading <3