Instagram Live: How to grow your Instagram & Connect with your followers

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Instagram Live is one of those unicorns in the Forbidden Forest that we all want to pet and get to know, yet none of us actually wants to risk going into the forest. We all know the benefits of it, such as connecting with your followers, reaching a bigger audience and ultimately growing your Instagram community – yet so many of us are reluctant to be the first to pet the scary Instagram Live unicorn.

Harry Potter references over.

I’m here to tell you why & how you should be using Instagram Live.


Why you should be using Instagram Live

To put it simply, Instagram is always throwing curve balls at us, which makes it pretty darn hard to grow your followers and build a thriving community on Instagram. Through my years as a travel blogger and social media manager, Instagram has been pretty important, and I’ve learned one important thing.

Whatever they throw at you; go with it.

This is seriously one of my top advice for succeeding with Instagram. Instead of joining all the people complaining about the changes; embrace them!

Instagram Live was one of these changes. Few people started to use them, but those who did, saw some awesome perks. The amazing Tara from Where is Tara is a wizard at Instagram Live, and would go live approximately once a week. When everyone else were bummed out about the algorithm changes ruining their engagement, Tara told me that her engagement hadn’t actually dropped that much! Our theory was that this was probably because she was making the most of Instagram latest feature; Instagram Live.


How to use Instagram Live


The simple answer is.. Anything! You can literally do anything on your Instagram live.

Of course, I will also give you a less simple answer. Depending on the niche of your blog or business, there are plenty of ways you can connect with your audience through Instagram live.

If you are a product based business, go live to talk about your product, share a behind the scenes of how your product is created, or you can host a Q&A about your product.

If you are a service based business, you can still go behind the scenes to how you work with clients, share your top tips for the niche you are in, or share your work-space!

If you are a blogger, one of my #1 tips would be to head to your Google Analytics, find your highest-performing post and make that the topic of your live!

Below I share some specific examples of what to do on an Instagram Live.


What to do on Instagram Live for Businesses

  • Share a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how your product is created
  • Share an ‘inside peek’ at your work space
  • Talk about one of your most popular blog posts
  • Talk about your favourite book/movie/celebrity/etc
  • Talk about your BRAND!
  • Share your motivation for starting your business
  • Introduce your colleagues
  • Take your followers on a walk in your hometown (seriously)
  • Tell your followers about a recent trip you went on
  • Do an unboxing of your product
  • Talk about the services you offer and who they are for
  • ‘Introduce’ yourself!

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