What to Pack for a Weekend in Hamburg

This weekend I am visiting Hamburg, Germany for the first time, and all though I am really excited about the trip, packing is always a bore. As I absolutely loathe packing, I decided it would be better to sit down and write a blog post about what to pack for a weekend in Hamburg. That way, packing for Hamburg will be a little less boring for those reading the post (here’s to me already assuming it will be helpful). I am packing for 3 days in Hamburg, and am only travelling with a carry-on. So, if you are visiting Hamburg with a carry-on only, this packing guide is for you!

Side note: My trip to Hamburg is arranged and sponsored by Come to Hamburg, and I couldn’t be more excited about the invitation to explore the city!

Pack for a weekend in hamburg in a carry-on

What to pack for a weekend in Hamburg (in a carry-on)

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First things first; what kind of carry-on do you bring? I am packing in my go-to River Island carry-on suitcase, which I have had for almost 6 years now! It is my absolute favourite piece of luggage, and I am already dreading the day it gives up on me. I am also packing in my brand new Moleskine Classic Leather Backpack, which arrived in the mail just this week.

Next up on this Hamburg packing list, is a comfy travel outfit. Those who know me know that I practically live in my Adidas sneakers (thank you, Kylie for making it cool again). Pair them with a big comfy sweater, fuzzy socks and a massive scarf and you’re good to go! Plane outfit – sorted!

When it comes to toiletries, you’ve got to consider the fact that you can’t bring any liquids over 100ml on board the plane in your carry-on. Therefore, that perfume has to stay at home. If you are a clever one, like me, you’ll have one of these genius refillable mini perfume bottles where you can simply load up on perfume and body spray before your trip! For all liquids I’m bringing in my carry-on to Hamburg I’ll prepare a little plastic bag the day before the flight. That way, I’m never the one causing a queue at the security gates frantically trying to find all their liquids in their backpack.

What I’m packing in my carry-on backpack

MacBook. Gotta get some work done during the trip.
MacBook charger. because duh.
– My Kindle. One of the best gifts I was ever given. No more leaving books in hotel rooms due to lack of space in my suitcase.
– The little plastic bag of liquids.
iPhone + headphones + charger. Again, duh.
– My Hamburg itinerary. I’m one of those ‘plan everything’ kind of people, and have a printed itinerary for this trip.
Portable charger. Spending an entire day exploring takes its toll on your phone, but with one of these bad boys I never worry.
– My new Canon camera. It’s currently my most prized possession, and my ‘gram game has really stepped up since purchasing it. I got the Canon EOS M3 back in May.
– My Passport. I almost forgot to put it on the list. This isn’t looking good.

What I’m packing in my carry-on suitcase

– One pair of jeans. No explanation needed.
– One ‘blogger dress‘. You know the one that always looks good in photos, often long and flowy, such as this one or this one.
– One ‘blogger kimono/cardigan‘. To wear over my outfit on the day I choose not to wear the blogger dress. This is one of my favourites.
(The struggle is real for a travel blogger, guys)
Underwear + socks. I always bring too many pairs of socks. Running out is a constant worry of mine.
– A cute top for dinner. I’m currently obsessed with off the shoulder tops like this one.
– A cute top for lunch. In love with this butterfly top.
– A nice sweater for when we are exploring Hamburg.
Basics, such as white t-shirts and tops to wear under said sweater.
– Another aeroplane outfit for the trip back home on Sunday. See above.
There you have some of the essentials to pack for a weekend trip to Hamburg. I actually just reread this post before publishing it and actually realised that it’s the perfect way to ensure that I remember to pack everything. Watch me write a packing post for every trip from now on.


Pack for a weekend in hamburg in a carry-on

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