Goal setting and travelling: How I stay on track

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As you may know, I’m becoming a full-time travel blogger in just a few short weeks. After the announcement back in October 2017, I’ve been crazy busy working at my full-time job, and running my blog and business which has slowly become a full-time job too. My life has consisted of setting smart goals, making plans, and figuring out how to achieve them.

With many hours a week spent at my 9-5, blog posts to publish both here and on my social media blog, Instagram posts and Facebook comments, my free Facebook community for Instagram growth, and more, you can imagine it’s a little tricky to stay on top of it all. I’m sure we all have different goals in life that we want to achieve, but once we have too many (even if they are smart goals), it can be a little difficult.

Now that I’m heading out into the great, wide-open world for 5 months on the road, I need to make sure that my systems are in place so that I can stay on top of everything, including my goal setting and the tracking of said goals.

Which is why I’m writing this post.

Smart goal setting and planning while travelling

Goal setting and travelling: How to stay on top of things

Keeping everything together and sorted as a business owner can be a little tricky, especially when you’re travelling. I’m no expert, but through the years I’ve learned a trick or two on how to stay in line with my goals and get shit done, even on the road. There are some tips for this that are worth sharing, and I hope you find this helpful.


Be very clear

This may seem a little vague, but let me explain. You need to be very clear on every aspect of your (work) life. This means knowing exactly what your goals are (this is step 1, and very important), knowing what you must do in order to get there, and being very clear with how much time you need. If you need 2 hours a day of answering emails in order to stay on top of everything, you have to make that time. Regardless of whether you are in Bali, Spain or France on holiday. Decide on when you’re gonna spend that time, and follow through.

Write it down in your planner, or create a notification on your phone.


Schedule social media

Social media is both a blessing and a curse. While I love Instagram and connecting with my followers there, planning out what to post on Facebook and Twitter is more of a drag. So, I schedule certain posts in advance, and it saves me hours a week. Hours I can spend travelling, yayy! There are plenty of great social media schedulers out there, but I swear by MeetEdgar. The price point is a little high, but it has been my best investment yet when it comes to the important social media side of my business. What this tool does is that it takes posts for Facebook and Twitter from a library you’ve created, and it reuses content again and again! This is absolute golden, as you don’t have to spend 2 hours every week scheduling content, only to start over again when the week is over. MeetEdgar just keeps going, and you can simply add to your library whenever you have something new to share!


Know what your time stealers are

Personally, when I start checking my emails I end up in a spiral of mailing lists, blog posts and “I’m-only-going-to”s (I just made up that word). Being aware of this allows me to be stricter with myself, and set aside specific time slots in a day for checking my email. I also do this when I’m travelling, otherwise, I waste 3 hours of valuable tanning time when it could have taken me no more than 30 minutes to check my emails.


Smart goal setting and planning while travelling

How I plan my content according to my goals

Introducing; The Content Planner!

Created by one of my favourite #GirlBosses, Kat Gaskin, the Content Planner is the world’s first (and only) physical planner for social media and blog content. And all though I rave about using Later and MeetEdgar for my client accounts, there is something truly inspiring about having a colourful, physical planner at your fingertips.

So, when Kat (whom I’ve been following on Instagram for a while) announced that she wanted to team up with 10 badass #WomenWithAPlan to receive a complimentary Content Planner to share with their tribe, I couldn’t shout my name loud enough.

I have been using my 2017 Content Planner for a year, and was extremely excited to be chosen as an ambassador for the #WomenWithaPlan movement!

I use the Content Planner for all things Fjords & Beaches and Fjords & Beaches Creative. Having two sides of a business like this can be rather overwhelming, which is where the Content Planner helps me!

Naturally, I have different goals for these two businesses. With Fjords and Beaches (aka this blog & its social media), my goal is to inspire and motivate others to take the leap and go explore. So naturally, my content strategy revolves around sharing inspiring articles and beautiful images on Instagram. I can easily colour-code the actions that help me achieve this goal in my planner, to make sure it all gets done.

With Fjords and Beaches Creative (aka my social media consulting business), I aim to help bloggers and business owners achieve THEIR smart goals, by growing and cultivating a community on social media. (One way I’m reaching this goal is through the creation of my Instagram Growth Course: Instagram Magic).

With the Content Planner, I easily stay on top of it all. I can now sit down and plan an entire month’s worth of blog posts, Instagram posts, email broadcasts, giveaways and Instagram Lives, ensuring that I always stay on track. It includes weekly and monthly goals, so that I know I’m always aiming towards achieving my overall smart goals.

I colour-code my plans, so I know which items on my to-do list belong to Fjords and Beaches, and which belong to Fjords and Beaches Creative. I already do this with my personal planner (yes, I have two), and it makes things a lot easier. It also makes the planner look so much prettier!

Smart goal setting and planning while travelling

On a budget? You can get these planner printables from the Content Planner for only $9.99! These are 2 month’s worth of social media and blog planner sheets, and is a perfect way for you to test the Content Planner system before you buy!

Are you a master planner? Do you travel a lot while staying on top of your goals? Leave a comment below and tell us how you do it!

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