How to find your target audience on Instagram

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Getting more followers on Instagram, growing your Instagram presence and building a community on Instagram are all very important goals for Instagram success. However, neither of these will provide you with any value if you are not targeting the right people.

Finding your target audience on Instagram doesn’t have to be a long and difficult process, and can actually be done in an hour. Once you have your target audience, you will be able to stop wasting your time on Instagram and start growing an Instagram account with more purpose, and most importantly; RESULTS!

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Why find your target audience on Instagram?

As mentioned above, this isn’t rocket science, but it is a step in your Instagram strategy that most bloggers and business owners miss.

Take me, for example. It took me ages to get 10’000 followers with my travel Instagram. All I wanted was that ‘k’ after my follower number, as that seemed to be the ultimate proof of success to me at the time.

I tried everything (short of the f/uf method and literally buying followers), and devoured all strategies I could think of. I spent ages googling, and adapted to all new theories I read. All of the strategies would work to a certain point, until I defined my target audience.  Once I did so, my follower growth started shooting up.

When I started defining my audience, I had 7000 followers. 1,5 months later I hit 10k! Fast forward 5 months and I’m now at 21’000 followers! My main strategy for Instagram growth stayed the same, but I was now using it on the right audience – the followers I wanted to reach.

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How to find your target audience on Instagram

As mentioned, this doesn’t have to take a lot of time but is still pretty crucial to your business (and Instagram) growth. If you run a business where you sell a physical (or digital) product you may already have your target audience specified, which will help you a little along the way. If you are a blogger or a new business owner, you may not have given your target audience/followers a thought yet.

Finding your target customer/audience is an important part of building a brand and social media strategy. Who are you trying to reach, and who do you want following you? Melyssa Griffin suggests thinking of one specific person instead of a group of people. This may be helpful in completing the task at hand, nd making it a bit less overwhelming.

There are several questions you should be able to answer regarding your target audience (or person).

  • What age group is your target person (or group of people) in?
  • Male or female?
  • Where are they from?
  • What are their interests?
  • Do they have a specific type of job (desk job, remote, etc)?
  • And most importantly, what kind of Instagram accounts resonate with them?

The last question is vital in finding your Instagram target audience.

Let’s say that Ingrid is a yoga blogger wanting to teach millennials how to perform yoga at home. Her target follower is a 25-year-old woman who works at a 9-5 who could really use yoga in order to relax. This woman is interested in traveling and personal growth, which are two of the things Ingrid shares on her Instagram account.

This woman is likely to follow accounts that incorporate travel and yoga and even meditation and advice for millennials. Accounts such as @caralishious@inga_baronova and @thetravelyogi.

If Ingrid targets a specific hashtag, let’s say #TravelandYoga, she will be able to engage with a large number of potential followers. However, these may not be within Ingrid’s target audience. Someone going on a drunken trip to Cabo may sign up for a yoga class, take a photo posing and tag the photo #TravelandYoga.

This doesn’t make them part of Ingrid’s target audience, and thus, Ingrid is wasting her time engaging with them.

Ingrid’s target audience, on the other hand, are the ones following accounts similar to hers (like the ones mentioned above). By engaging with these accounts, Ingrid is way more likely to grow an audience of engaged and interested followers.

This is true because she already knows that they are interested in what she has to offer.


Finding your target audience

Now, you should have answered the questions above, leading to more information about your target audience. At the end, write down 5 accounts your target audience is already following.

You can find these accounts through hashtags, locations, or in the ‘Explore’ section on Instagram. Do some stalking.

These accounts shouldn’t have less than 10’000 followers, mainly because otherwise you will quickly run out of potential followers yourself.


All of your tactics and strategies for Instagram growth should be aimed at these people, and no one else.

Now that you have your target audience, what next? 

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how to find your target audience on Instagram, instagram tips, instagram growth, grow your instagram

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