This weekend I am visiting Hamburg, Germany for the first time, and all though I am really excited about the trip, packing is always a bore. As I absolutely loathe packing, I decided it would be better to sit down and write a blog post about what to pack for… View Post

Travel planning is the best, but sometimes budgeting for an upcoming adventure can be a bit of a pain in the ass, especially when you’re not sure of how much you will and can spend on a trip. Budgeting for travel is an important part of travel planning, and in… View Post

Can you believe we have made it to Week 4 of the Making the Most of Travel series? This week it’s all about travel websites to save you money when traveling or booking a trip, and I am really excited to share some of them with you! Traveling can be… View Post

Welcome to Part 2 of the Making the Most of Travel Series! Read part 1 here (introducing the purpose of the series) and part 3 here (the BEST trip planning resources)! In case you missed it, every Sunday from now and until May you’ll find a new post here on Fjords and… View Post

As often as you love to get out on the open road and travel to new destinations, sometimes this doesn’t always align with the options given to you by your pocket-book or time off from work. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great options out there to help… View Post